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Bedbugs' Favorite Color, Micro Thermometers & More: 5 Things We Learned This Week

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Bedbugs' Favorite Color, Micro Thermometers & More: 5 Things We Learned This Week
edward snowden encryption james clapper US National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden speaks to European officials via video conference during a parliamentary hearing on improving the protection of whistleblowers, at the Council of …
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DNA Strings Turned Into Molecular Thermometers
DNA At the University of Montreal scientists have created a DNA-based thermometer that is so tiny that it can be inserted into cells to read the temperature inside. The inspiration came from seeing naturally occurring molecules being used to sense the …
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World's smallest thermometer – 20000 time thinner than a human hair
By adding fluorescent proteins that light up these DNA structures for imaging the researchers created 5 nanometre wide thermometers that produce an easily detectable signal as a function of temperature. A human hair is about 100,000 nanometres wide.
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This Submersible 3D Printed Haptic Sonar Glove Lets You Feel Things Underwater

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

This Submersible 3D Printed Haptic Sonar Glove Lets You Feel Things Underwater
The concept behind haptic communication is quite simple, however the science that makes it possible is much more complicated. The basic process involves the simulation of a sense of touch and tactile contact using vibrations or air pressure being …

Google Glass 2: Pictures of wearable screen revealed as Google looks to bring
Leaks and photos show that the second go at the glasses are bigger and more robust, as well as packing in new internal parts. And Google is pursuing a new strategy for the glasses, looking to sell them to industry and workplaces rather than to the …
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Specs, Screen And Features; How Will The 2016
Some criticisms about the Galaxy S6 include the lack of a micro SD slot and the quite pricey, high-tier internal storage options. In 2016, the manufacturer is expected to further its …. camera, similar to the Galaxy S6. Prior reports suggested a 25 …

Protect Apnea Patients With This Disposable CPAP

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Protect Apnea Patients With This Disposable CPAP
Protect apnea patients from post-op respiratory failure with the disposable Flow-Safe II CPAP system from Mercury Medical. An elastic head harness with Velcro straps makes the Flow-Safe very easy to fit to the face. A built-in manometer verifies …

Prove it: Can a vacuum device during CPR improve cardiac output?
Medics then connected the ITPR to a manometer and a vacuum source, such as a portable suction machine. After delivering an assisted breath, a switch within the ITPR device closed the ventilation port. This allowed the continuously running vacuum pump …

This Smart Oven Bakes Perfect Cookies Without Your Help

Friday, June 12th, 2015

This Smart Oven Bakes Perfect Cookies Without Your Help
Its large glass door makes it easy to see inside, where the carbon-fiber heating elements work with convection fans to cook much more quickly and evenly than your average oven, and the steel shelves are easy to remove and clean. It's a rounded steel …
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Coolhaus Creates Ice Cream Inspired by Prada and Céline
It's been a long week. June opened with a nearly biblical downpour in NYC and the CFDAs kept us busy here at with its cartwheels and kooky hairstyles. Now that the sun is finally out, it's time to relax and treat yourself to the first real …

Company's Coming: Pork chops serve a crowd
Remove chops from the grill as soon as they register 140 to 145 degrees on an instant-read thermometer inserted in the thickest area of the chop (you'll have to insert the thermometer horizontally with a 1-inch thick chop so it penetrates properly …
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How to Install a Water Pressure Reducing Valve – This Old House

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Taming extremely high water pressure with This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official…
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YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Can This Compost Thermometer Measure Soil Temp?

Sunday, March 29th, 2015 Can This Compost Thermometer Be Used to Measure the Soil Temperature in the Spring? Thanks for all the questions! I welcome them and am always glad to answer. Recently.

Las Vegas Advertising Reach And Frequency ? What Is This Stuff?

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Not a lot of small Las Vegas business owners pay attention to reach and frequency.  And sadly, even some Las Vegas advertising agencies fail to talk about reach and frequency when working with clients.  So you may just have to get in there and figure things out for yourself.  Because tracking both are the only way you’ll have a nuts and bolts picture on how you’re your advertising is working, and more importantly, which advertising methods are the best bang for your buck! 

Businesses today and Las Vegas advertising needs to constantly innovate, while monitoring the purse strings of the campaign.  When you take the initiative to start your own advertising campaign, regardless of whether you have the help of a local Las Vegas ad agency, get your own nose in there and do some research ahead of time and tracking of the campaign as it’s ongoing.  Sadly, a lot of small business owners haphazardly slap together some clip art, text and photos and then let ‘er rip in a bunch of different outlets, hoping something will stick.

Unfortunately, the above approach puts the cart before the horse.  Whether you’re advertising in a local Las Vegas guide, online, through direct mail with Money Mailer, or on the radio and television, you need to calculate reach and frequency to identify which media is cheapest on your wallet, and then after the campaign has run, which produced the best results.

So how do you calculate advertising reach and frequency?  It’s simple, really!  Reach simply refers to the total amount of people who see your message.  If you work with a Las Vegas ad agency to run an advertisement on, and has 1 million visitors per month to their website (example number used to illustrate this point), your potential reach would be 1 million.  The actual reach would be the number of times your advertisement was displayed to visitors on the website.

Frequency is just as easy!  Advertising frequency refers to the number of times a person needs to view your advertisement before they’re motivated to respond.  Frequency varies, but it is generally accepted that a higher frequency achieves greater results.  Just think how many times you’ve seen Las Vegas attorney Glen Lerner’s commercials on TV!

So now that you know these numbers, how are they useful?  Great question my ace student!  Reach is very important for identifying your advertising costs before you spend your hard earned dollars.

For example, if you place an ad in a Las Vegas travel magazine that has a circulation (circulation is the same as reach) of 100,000 people and one advertisement costs you $ 3,500, then your cost per one thousand people would be $ 35.  Now, if you run an advertisement on Fox 5 News’ 10pm broadcast alongside suave Darren Peck’s weather report, and that ad placement costs $ 12,000 (random figures for illustrative purposes) and reaches 200,000 people, then your cost per one thousand would be $ 60.

The above examples with hypothetical dollar and reach amounts help to illustrate how you can turn advertising expenses into an apples to apples comparison.  But keep in mind, as any Las Vegas advertising agency will tell you, a lower per thousand amount doesn’t mean you should rule out more expensive advertising – if your response rates are a lot higher in one form of advertising over another, than you’ve picked a winning horse!

So how does frequency play into the above figures.  Easy!  If you’ve found people start coming into your business after seeing your ad five times in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, then you know you’ll have to run that ad repeatedly and budget accordingly.  Easy as pie!

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Protect Apnea Patients With This Disposable CPAP

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Protect Apnea Patients With This Disposable CPAP
Protect apnea patients from post-op respiratory failure with the disposable Flow-Safe II CPAP system from Mercury Medical. An elastic head harness with Velcro straps makes the Flow-Safe very easy to fit to the face. A built-in manometer verifies …

Mit drei Beinen auf dem Weltmarkt
Schon ein Jahr später gründete Steffen Förster, damals 55 Jahre alt, seine Firma FT Manovia in Buggingen. Seither ist er wieder auf Erfolgskurs und hat jetzt eine neue Maschine entwickelt, die ihm den Weltmarkt für seine Feuerlöscher-Manometer erschließt.
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Tire air management is easy with this tire gauge offer

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

It is always preferable to be prepared for unforeseen events. It lessens the damages, injuries or disturbances to the people involve. The tire gauge is one recommendable vehicle tool that should be included in the car toolbox. The main function of the tool is too measure the amount of air inside the car wheels. Every car wheels has its recommendable and proper air volume that makes driving and car control safe, easy, manageable, and response quickly.

The tire gauge serves to assist car owners and drivers to know the exact air quantity that their car wheels have. They can adjust the existing wheels air level to its exact state and comfort. This act of maintaining wheels proper air content prolong the life of the wheel as well as provide safe driving experience.

The online trader known as DinoDirect is a top seller of different products including car tools and equipment. They are now offering their tire gauge products in a price commendable to low budgeted car owners. Their tire gauge items are all with quality built and features.

The tire gauge products they sold include those with LCD screen that display the air pressure result. The screen provides a clear view of the results. Those with mechanical feature have a readable gauge numbers and distinguishable pointer. Both tire gauge LCD screen and manual screen are reliable in providing the pressure results.

There are two types of tire gauge in the provider product list. The items could be a digital items or a mechanical gauge. The digital ones have electronic composition that reacts in the pressure of the air and provides the reading results. The mechanical tire gauge provides manual result as seen in the screen. The mechanical pointers react in the first instance of air pressure.

The tire gauge offered by the provider has different features that made them more commendable. There are some items with four-in-one features, which includes compass, flashlight, warning light, and tire gauge. There are also tire gauge that goes with tire inflating equipment, some have key chain for portable carrying, and there are pressure gauge that are connected to vacuum cleaner. There are pressure gauges that come with flexible hose for much easier and convenient use.

All the tire gauge products offered by the seller are highly precise in their pressure reading ability. They have strong and tough composition that gives durability and long life service. The tire gauge items sold will be very effective in tire maintenance and car management.   



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