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PHYS 146 Fluid Statics, element 3: Stress Gauges

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Video lecture for PHYS 146 at the University of Alberta. This lecture describes how we can use the static stress of a liquid to convert pressure measuremen…
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Ashcroft 50K psi stress gage depressurization tests at Optimation

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Higher stress robustness tests on Ashcroft stress gages were completed to simulate fast depressurization of the gages. 5 total tests had been run at Optimation tes…
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How to Verify Tire Stress – Checking Tire Pressure

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

This is a video on how to verify your car’s tire stress utilizing 3 diverse sorts of pressure gauges. We use a stick kind stress gauge, a dial stress …
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MAP or Manifold Air Stress Sensor

Monday, March 10th, 2014

MAP or Manifold Air Pressure Sensor Amazon Printed Books Amazon Kindle Edition…
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Air Stress Switch – Pneumatic Stress/Vacuum Sensor with Dual Switching Outputs

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

The PQ Series stress switch is ideal for common industrial pneumatic stress and vacuum applications, which includes vacuum levels in pick-and-place apps. Wit…
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Stress: how to correctly differentiate amongst atmospheric, total, gauge, manometric, partial…

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Overview: This video describes several types of Pressure encountered in Chemical Engineering: ATMOSPHERIC, TOTAL, GAUGE, PARTIAL and VAPOUR Pressure. The rel…

High BLOOD Stress

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. It is really the pressure exerted by arteries in the circulatory method. Blood stress can further be classified as systolic and diastolic stress. The measurement of blood pressure is the arterial stress at a person’s inner side of upper arm. The initial measurements of blood stress in human physique were blood vessels have been taken by inserting a tube into an artery, a somewhat harmful and painful method. The blood pressure monitor historically utilised the height of a column of mercury to reflect pressure which is known as sphygmomanometer. The blood pressure is measured by inflating the cuff around the upper arm. One particular end of the stethoscope is placed over an artery inside the cuff and detected by putting the other end more than the ears .

The basic representation of a person’s blood pressure is expressed as systolic stress more than diastolic pressure with unit as “mmHg”(millimetres of mercury). A person’s typical blood pressure variety is 90-119 mmHg(systolic) and 60-79 mmHg(diastolic).A individual with blood pressure significantly less than 90 mmHg for systolic and much less than 60 mmHg for diastolic is deemed as hypotension, whilst a person with blood stress more than 119 mmHg for systolic and much more than 79 mmHg for diastolic is regarded as as hypertension. Systolic pressure is the maximum pressure in the arteries, occuring at the end of the cardiac cycle even though the diastolic stress is the minimum stress in the arteries, which happens at the starting of the cardiac cycle. Blood stress may possibly differ in distinct situations such as anxiety,drugs,disease etc.

Higher blood stress or hypertension is a condition exactly where blood pushing against the arterial walls exert high force throughout pumping of heart.

If this stays more than a period of time it can lead to damage in the body causing heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and so on. Life-style adjustments and taking health-related assist can decrease higher bp difficulties. Certain meals products that support in lowering high blood stress are garlic, hawthorn, fish oil.

Monitoring the blood pressure even if you feel typical is truly crucial and this can be tracked even at property by numerous blood pressure monitors obtainable in the market. The most frequent is the wrist bp monitor which is in the form of cuffs, which is wrapped around the hand. The digital show shows the blood stress readings and the pulse price. The situation of higher blood stress can be avoided by following healthy eating habits, decreasing salt intake, being active by taking walks and jogging.

Bourdon Vacuum Pump Stress Gauge Animation

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

How does a Bourdon Gauge function? View our animation to gain a far better understanding of the Bourdon Gauge. Some details about this gauge: Utilised as common industria…
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Bernoullis Equation for Stress Flow on a TI-83 Calculator

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

This brief video shows use of both the Bernoulli’s equation calculator supported by a Moody Diagram and a graphing program which graphs each the ground (or p…

A Step by Step Guide to Select a Differential Stress Gauge

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Differential pressure is defined as the difference in pressure levels in between two points of a program. For instance, it could be the difference in pressure in between the bottom of a tank and at the head of a tank. A differential pressure gauge is utilised to exactly establish these really variations in the pressure levels. It can also be used for determining the differences in cabin pressure at different points. This meter is extremely crucial in deciding what should be the precise pressure release point—it ensures the security of numerous devices and processes.

There are options such as a normal gauge as effectively as a digital gauge that you could select from. These are obtainable in numerous ranges to meet particular requirements. It is crucial to have foresight when you are investing in a differential pressure gauge. That’s simply because the device that you invest in could meet your specifications right now, but with the passage of time you might require a device with a larger range. Therefore, it is sensible to buy a gauge that can meet your expanding requirements in the future.

Apart from the variety of the gauge, it is crucial to invest enough believed in deciding the accuracy of the meter primarily based on your certain specifications. On this front as well, you would require to assess your existing wants and also take into consideration your future specifications. The much more precise a meter is, the higher will be its cost. Hence, if your price range is restricted and you don’t need to have an exceedingly correct meter, you would be producing a prudent selection by settling for a less precise gauge.

The next point you would want to hold in mind would be deciding on the show choice of the meter.

The size of the show, whether or not you need backlighting, the size of the numbers and how many numbers you require ought to be some of the figuring out factors that drive your obtain. The most standard kind of display is the 4 ½ digits which is suitable for a quantity of applications. If you do not want a extremely complicated display, it would be wiser to stick to the standard variety of a differential pressure gauge.

Moreover, if you pick an elaborate display, you might have to cut down on some other attributes. If you need to have to use the device in a dark room or dim lit place, you should choose a device with a backlight display.

It is important to order these devices from a distributor that has a confirmed track record in offering expert sales of a differential pressure gauge variety, as well as other devices. After you have narrowed down your search primarily based on the most appropriate models, you need to have to move to the price factor and decide on the gauge with the most appropriate characteristics.

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