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Why You Need A Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

People used to think that pressure cookers are scary and dangerous, but those days are long gone. You don’t have to worry about the lid shooting up like a cannon ball straight to your face, because thanks to technology, pressure cookers are safe and reliable.

Pressure cookers are one of the most useful and versatile kitchen appliances and every home should have at least one. With a pressure cooker, you can enjoy fancy and sumptuous meals in your home within minutes. You just have to place all the ingredients in it and wait for it to cook. You can do other chores or just relax as you wait. Because it will only a few minutes to cook food, you’ll be saving up on energy consumption as well. Plus, the food you are cooking will retain more nutrients, flavor and moisture than cooking it through other means. You don’t have to add fattening oils or artificial flavourings. That simply equates to healthier, delicious meals for you and your family.

Now that you know why you need a pressure cooker, you can choose between an aluminum one or a stainless steel one. Let me tell you why you need the stainless steel one.

Stainless steel pressure cookers are not only easy to clean; they are more durable and more elegant than their aluminum cousins as well. They are more resistant to scratches, warping and corrosion. Aluminum ones also tend to bend easily, but even if you whack someone in the head with a stainless steel cooker, it will still retain its shape.  And stainless steel does not react to food, like tomatoes and vinegar unlike aluminum which can react to acidic food.

Another advantage of stainless steel pressure cookers is that they can absorb heat much better and lets you cook your food faster. They are also designed better and they come with more safety features. If there is one thing  you should not skimp on, it’s safety especially if you plan on using your cooker frequently.

Usually aluminum pressure cookers are more affordable but its better to save a little more and choose quality and durability over affordability. The choice is really up to you, but there price difference is quite small, so why shouldn’t you choose a more reliable pressure cooker? Besides, there are a lot of affordable, high-quality stainless steel pressure cookers too. You can even get them for under fifty dollars. Try Presto stainless steel pressure cookers because they have been getting rave reviews.

Stainless steel pressure cookers are quite easy to maintain and they last longer too. Even if their purchasing price is a little more expensive than the aluminum ones, they are actually more cost effective and offer you the best value for your money.

Whether you are frequently cooking for yourself, for your partner or for several people, there’s a stainless steel pressure cooker that’s right for you. They are available in different sizes and designs. And because they are so affordable, you can even two or three of them, in different sizes and brands if you want. Wouldn’t that be great? You can cook several sumptuous and healthy meals simultaneously and without waiting too long for them to cook.


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Stainless Steel Juicers

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Many people have decided that participating in juicing is the best thing for their health, particularly if they are looking to lose weight.  Juicing involves taking fresh vegetables, or pieces of fruit, and running them through a steel juicer, for example.  The juicer is made out of blades and components that either chop the pieces of fruits and vegetables to extract the juice, or it pulverizes the fruits and vegetables to squeeze the juice out.  There are many advantages to juicing using stainless steel juicers, instead of a plastic one to extract the juice.

The main advantage of using stainless steel juicers to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables is because stainless steel juicers are a lot more durable.  There are juicers on the market made out of plastic and other materials that are pretty inexpensive, and they won’t last for very long.  These models tend to crack, chip, and their motors burn out.  Beyond having a ruined motor, it’s dangerous to have the component of a cheap juicer to chip off, or to crack inside of the fruit or the vegetables that are being used for juicing.  On the other hand, when a person purchases a steel juicer, they never have to worry about pieces of the blade, or other pieces being chipped into the juice in a dangerous way.

When a person is using stainless steel juicers to enjoy fresh juice from fruits and vegetables, they’ll find that it becomes a lifelong habit.  The benefit of drinking fresh juice, is that a person will get fresh sources of vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes.  Many people find that when they drink freshly squeezed juice, they get all the fiber and nutrients that they need and therefore, they’re not hungry.  This certainly helps them with regards to a weight loss program.  Beyond this, people find that when they are getting enough fruit and vegetables by using stainless steel juicers, they are doing something healthy for themselves that will help with health conditions.  Many people find for example that they can stabilize their blood sugar when they drink fresh vegetable juice, and fruit juice.

There are many resources online if a person wants to buy stainless steel juicers.  Some brands are extremely popular, and have been around for a long time, and with good reason.  These are the brands that many people who participate in juicing find to be reliable and safe.  These are the type of brands that a person should look for when they are starting a healthy fruit and vegetable juicing lifestyle.

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Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker – 5 Primary Benefits Of Pressure Cooking

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

1. Healthier Cooking

Starting with health would be probably the most natural thing to do as health is something very precious. Are you curious what is so healthy about pressure cooking? What is so healthy about pressure cooking is the steam. Steam stays inside of the pressure cooker for the entire cooking time. That means that you don’t have to add too much water to boil the food. Also, the steams that comes out of the food gets back into the food again. The steam or moisture from the food contains the important nutrients. Keeping it in means keeping the nutrients of the food where you want them: in your food. That is why the pressure cooking is the healthiest compared to all cooking alternatives.

You might probably be aware of the bad influence of fried and baked food on the organism (that would be…you!). And normal cooking does not serve you with that many nutrients in your food. The healthy thing about the pressure cooker is also the fact that you will not burn anything. Well, unless you try really hard!

2. Better Taste

Here we get back to the steam again. The steam is the main reason of the better taste of the food. The actual food flavour is in the steam. Keeping the steam inside during the cooking makes food also tastier. That is the reason why food prepared in the pressure cooker has a full flavour and tastes better.

During the cooking with the pressure cooker, there is a higher temperature than you can achieve in a regular pan. The food is ready quicker and it does not overcook. Pulses gain a “creamy” consistency and meat falls apart. Yummy.

3. Pressure Cooking Is Much Quicker

Preparing a meal with a stainless steel pressure cooker is much quicker then regular cooking. Heating up the pressure cooker is quicker then a normal pan and the temperature reached with a pressure cooking is higher. And the pressure cooker keeps the higher temperature for longer time. This way you can get a “healthy fast-food” :-) Just few examples of cooking times when using a pressure cooker: Kidney beans in less then 10 minutes. Chicken falls off the bone in 15 minutes. Meatloaf done in 20 minutes. Filled peppers ready in 5 minutes. And I could go on… I am sure you can think of better ways to spend your time then guarding pans in the kitchen. How about the next benefit of using the stainless steel pressure cooker.

4. Pressure Cooking Saves The Energy and Your Money

As you have just seen, using a pressure cooker will save you some precious time that you can either spend with your family, partner, kids etc. or you can dedicate that time to whatever you enjoy doing. But this incredible piece of kitchen equipment will also save energy. You will spend less gas or electricity when using a stainless steel pressure cooker as it heats up quicker and keeps the temperature with a minimum of a heat.

Comparing to the traditional cooking, the pressure cooker will help you to save up to 70 percent of your time and money! That is quite significant, don’t you think?

5. Suitable For Dishwashers

The last benefit that I would like to mention today is certainly something that you will like! You can put the pressure cooker into a dishwasher…nuff said!

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

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U.s. Iron And Steel Products In China Next Block Or Tube Steel – Tube Steel, Iron And Steel Products

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Seamless steel pipe, oil well pipes, drill pipe, wire shelves … … New Year begins, the U.S. iron and steel products to contain China’s “iron curtain” keep growing. Chinese steel product export enterprises worried.

Who is next? Local time on January 5, U.S. Department of Commerce announced that the value of imports from China will be more than 300 million U.S. dollars of steel wire shelves initial charge from 43 to 289 percent anti-dumping duties. The day before, the United Steelworkers and the four U.S. companies to anti-dumping anti-subsidy (dual) to investigate a request made on the drill pipe collection from 109 to 274 percent of the tariff.

The last three months, the U.S. has been investigating the use of dual weapons, China’s steel product exports to the U.S. took turns beating.

1 6, the domestic steel information portal to my director Xu Xiangchun steel mesh to the newspaper Information, said: Pipe class products subject to future investigations the possibility of dual is still high. In fact, the hardest hit pipe products precisely because of China’s leading steel product exports to the U.S.. According to my steel web statistics, from January to November 2009, China’s steel product exports to the U.S. list of the championship are all tube Class: seamless tube 40.1 million tons, steel pipe fittings, tube sets for the 143 thousand tons.

Xuxiang Chun said: “Those who occupy the market segment in the U.S. high share of steel products is also very dangerous.”

Pipe exports to the U.S. or by “burning bridges”
2009 years, the United States in the high frequency of dual investigations against the wide range of rarely seen in recent years, but dual investigation, “conviction” that the United States “iron curtain” of the extension direction there are still traces to follow.

Pipe products in 2010 against the U.S. pair of high-risk areas surveyed. Xu Xiangchun told this newspaper that, “In the recent U.S. steel products of pairs of anti-investigation, pipe products are the hardest hit, in the new year, suffered another pipe products against the U.S. dual high possibility.”

Early as November 5, 2009, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on the oil pipe on dual anti-dumping case, the preliminary ruling, affirmed that China exports to the U.S. oil pipe product dumping, imposition of 10.36% -15.78% punitive tariffs. December 31, 2009, the U.S. International Trade Commission endorsed the decision.

Xu Xiangchun to the newspaper stressed that the reason why a pair of pipe products against the hardest hit because before this round of financial crisis, U.S. domestic oil industry has experienced a boom on the oil well pipe, oil pipe products Demand soared, more than its domestic production capacity, which leads to a large number of Chinese products into the U.S. market.

Therefore, “the causal relationship must be clear.” Xu Xiangchun told this newspaper that was the United States take the initiative to introduce Chinese products, and in severe recession today, but in turn, blame the Chinese pipe products dumping the U.S. market is no different from burning bridges. In addition, Xu Xiangchun Journalists from China’s iron and steel products accounted for U.S. market share on the start, pre-sentence investigation against the United States two main objectives of the future.

Dual investigation, according to prosecution and trial procedures, when a product segment in the United States to occupy a sufficient share of influence, the prosecution prove that the impact of the United States constitute the domestic industry, U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Office of the final determination will be set up dual judgments, imposing extra duties.

Xuxiang Chun said that from that point, China’s steel producers and exporters now need to check their exports to the U.S. product catalog, if a product has been occupied in the high share of the market segments, and now it is necessary vigilance.

Never give a trade war

Frequent outbreaks of dual investigation, has disrupted the domestic steel industry people.

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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges And Wash Down Applications.

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Pressure is the second most measured process variable in industry. Despite this, most users of pressure gauges have a poor understanding of what is available to best suit their needs.
It is good design practice to use the least expensive component that reliably does the job. There are two sides to this:
Why would you use a component that has higher grade materials and therefore a high price, than their application requires? Almost no one would. To use an analogy, no one would rent a 10 truck to do the work that a one ton truck could do. As seems logical, this almost never happens.

The other side of this however, using a component of lower grade material and therefore lower cost than the application requires is all too common in industry. Many people try to put 10 tons worth of stuff on a 1 ton truck and then replace the truck when it fails!

Think about your plant. Is there one component that always fails or wears prematurely? Over 65% of US manufacturing plants have some component, be it a bearing, valve , pressure gauge etc. that is replaced more than twice per year, when all other components in its group are replace less than one time per year.
While doing this will earn the gratitude of the salesman who sells this frequently replaced component, it hurts your bottom line tremendously.
This is true for pressure gauges. Most gauge failures occur from conditions external to the process. Most commonly, gauges that are not stainless steel are used in wash down applications. Over time the gauge will rust and or leak and eventually fail. Then it is replaced, with another non stainless steel gauge. This is done for the two obvious reasons: The non stainless gauge is cheaper and We have always done it this way.

While it is true that a stainless steel gauge will cost almost 50% more than a carbon steel one in cases where production is lost, or excessive technician time is spent replacing the gauge occurs, the higher cost at purchase is more than recouped in leaner operating and labor savings.
Even at $ 100 per gauge difference in purchase price, how many changes will you have to make before you break even just on labor? Not to mention down time.

The bottom line is that to help your bottom line use a stainless steel gauge where conditions require it and save money.

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