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PIR Motion Sensors

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

The PIR motion sensors or the Passive Infrared motion detectors make use of passive infrared technology which is the most advanced form of technology used in security and wireless video surveillance systems. These types of sensors usually need to be mounted on a wall or placed in the corner of a room.  The motion sensors work by emitting several layers of finger like invisible rays in a covered area.

Several Methods To Achieve Data Fusion Fault Diagnosis Hydraulic Pump – Hydraulic Pumps, Sensors,

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Abstract: The dispersion characteristics of hydraulic pump failure and fuzzy, vibration and pressure sensors proposed based on information fusion fault diagnosis method. Pump ball in the full analysis of loosening failure mechanism, based on the vibration signal and pressure signal wavelet denoising processing, the loose ball effectively extract fault features. Characteristic parameters of different types of feature level fusion, using principal component analysis and improvement of algorithm BP neural network fault diagnosis of hydraulic pumps loose ball. Tests show that the different types of sensor information fusion fault diagnosis method can effectively achieve the weak pump fault diagnosis.

Development Of Sensors In Automotive Applications – Sensors – Electrical Industry

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Hierarchical control concept with the continuous development of the intelligent load and increasing demand for sensors, and SoC type of product because of its low cost, small size advantage, is the solution to adapt to this development program. Infineon Technologies (China) Limited’s automotive electronics business, said Li Shiming, Senior Marketing Engineer, “a new generation of Infineon SP37 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) single-chip solution to conform to this trend, the controller sensing unit, RF transmitter, low-frequency receiver and power supply modules integrated in a chip, the requirement to auto-on-chip. “

Kavlico Pressure Sensors Measurement from Vacuum Up to 3000 Bar Made in

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Kavlico Pressure Sensors Measurement from Vacuum Up to 3000 Bar Made in
The new PCB mount low range differential pressure sensor P994 for air handling systems, Variable air volume (VAV), filter monitoring and duct air flow management applications is based around Silicon-Capacitive (SCAP) technology, temperature …
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Rs-Tec Releases a New Car Emergency Escape Tool With Digital Tire Pressure
Rs-Tec Releases a New Car Emergency Escape Tool With Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Which Can Save Not Only Human Lives but Gas Too. A new automotive product which helps automobilists to get out of their car in an emergency and also saves money in …
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Could temperature sensors have reduced sickness?

Friday, August 1st, 2014

There are many elements to food safety that companies in the UK have to comply with. For this reason, companies involved in preparing, cooking or selling edible products can sometimes benefit from compliance software. One aspect of ensuring food is safe is making sure it does not get stored at the wrong temperature and using a temperature sensor can help with this. According to a study conducted among 450 food-service establishments in Wake County in the US recently, some were not adhering to procedures that keep food safe, the News & Observer reports. The county released the results of a survey which found that fewer people would get food-borne illnesses if the state adopted federal rules that are stricter about issues such as food temperature. If this change was to occur, more businesses may invest in compliance software and a temperature sensor. The county’s environmental health director, Andre Pierce, claimed the research shows what areas need to be worked on. He stated: “We’re putting up the stoplights before the wrecks occur.” Late last year and early in 2010, hundreds of people became sick after dining in different eateries in the county. Commenting on the issue, food-safety specialist at N C State University Ben Chapman said: “Rules are only one of the factors. Legislation can only go so far. What’s more important is what happens when the inspector’s not there. “You have to find a way to engage everyone, from the business owner all the way down to the 15-year-old who works in the kitchen, in the concept that we need to prevent food-borne illness.” Food poisoning occurs as a result of eating contaminated objects and in most cases, the product that causes the illness has been infected by bacteria such as salmonella or a virus. Among the things that are particularly vulnerable to contamination if they are not handled, stored or cooked properly are meat, dairy and ‘ready to eat’ goods such as pre-packed sandwiches.

– Molecular Force Sensors – Design, Characterization and Applications

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

– Molecular Force Sensors – Design, Characterization and Applications
from Fakultät für Physik – Digitale Hochschulschriften der LMU – Teil 02/04
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Euro 6 regs will boost car engine sensors

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Euro 6 regs will boost car engine sensors
The list includes pressure sensors, devices to monitor flow and temperature, ceramic sensors for the gases nitrogen oxide (NOx) and oxygen, in addition to knock sensing, position and speed. Among the 24 applications identified for sensors used in ICEs …

Bakken Crude Characteristics and Crude by Rail: Myth vs. Fact
FACT: The vapor pressure is a measure of a liquid's ability to hold gases rather than releasing them into vapor. The Bakken's average vapor pressure is an indicator that the liquid portion continues to hold on to those gases despite seasonal temperatures.
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A Review of Cryogenic Sensors for Emerging Applications

Monday, July 21st, 2014

A Review of Cryogenic Sensors for Emerging Applications
Resistors are the most widely used temperature sensors for low temperature applications and are classified into Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) and Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC). PTC resistors are generally a pure metal or a combination …
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For mHealth to succeed, we'll need standards
There are now commercially available consumer applications that can turn a smartphone into a thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter and more. Then there's the clinical mHealth market – projected to surge past the consumer …
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Pressure sensors

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Pressure sensors

One of the most growing trends in electronics today is semiconductor pressure sensors. Applications for this type of sensor would be in the control of pressu…
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Parking Sensors

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Reversing Cameras And Parking Sensors

The range of different car accessories and gadgets now available is a massive one, and as well as those that are meant for entertainment or navigation, as well as security accessories, there are also those that help us when parking and getting around. Reversing cameras help ensure that we can park easier without reversing into other cars or walls while parking sensors will alert the driver as they approach another vehicle or other object situated behind the car.

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