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Lenovo W510 Review

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

The Lenovo Thinkpad W510 is frequently a bulky, heavy computer owning a 15.6in, LED backlit show that weighs as a good offer as some 17-inch laptops.

What you receive with that bulk is frequently a high-performance, workstation-class CPU, nVidia Quadro midrange cell graphics, and workstation-style attributes along the lines of built-in color calibration, complete with sensor. Of course, all individuals usefulness attributes will founded you back again a pretty penny; however the Lenovo Thinkpad W510 has substance.

Similarly, digital video disc playback was unexceptional. Even appropriate after tweaking the nVidia manage panel, digital video disc upscaling even now resulted within of a gentle image using the two digital video disc films we viewed (Lord concerning the Rings: Return concerning the type and Serenity). Even 1080 WMV HD composed content looked merely a little washed out. But audio tracks output high quality was surprisingly good. Bass, as usual, is lacking, but stereo imaging appears reasonably accurate, as well as the basic appear high quality concerning the Lenovo Thinkpad W510 attributes a pleasant, neutral sound. audio tracks amount is limited, though, even at optimum volume, it’s not especially loud.

On one other hand, the Lenovo Thinkpad W510 isn’t aimed at gamers, but at licensed images users. composed content development and CAD programs have a tendency to contact for just about any combination of large CPU usefulness and capable graphics, and on this category, the W510 delivers in spades. Its WorldBench 6 rating of 118 is stellar. The 1.73GHz quad-core Intel main i7 820QM provides blistering CPU usefulness for just about any laptop. Even the bulky chassis arrives into play, when operating CPU-intensive apps and benchmarks, the product didn’t turn into especially loud, nor do the bottom concerning the circumstance turn into as well warm to preserve in your lap. Battery existence arrived in at three hours, 43 mins using the 9-cell battery. That’s in simple fact pretty excellent for just about any high-end, quad-core CPU and discrete graphics.

The Lenovo Thinkpad W510’s show alone is LED backlit. A color calibration sensor is made in to the principal whole body concerning the unit, and Lenovo ships XRite’s Huey professional calibration software. Calibrating color is lifeless simple: start the app, click the following button, then shut the lid until you listen to three beeps. even although color in photographic editing programs looked correct, the fluid crystal display show suffered by applying the normal lapses of most computer displays, in particular, a bad vertical viewing angle. Horizontal viewing angles have been also limited, although not as severely as with vertical viewing.

The appropriate facet homes the optical drive, along owning just one combo audio tracks port, which could be utilized with single-jack headsets. Unless you’re utilizing one of those, you’ll be limited to possibly headphones and even a microphone. Also crammed in to the appropriate facet could be the ExpressCard slot as well as a 5-in-1 flash card slot.

Despite the workstation character of the beast, Lenovo provides no choice for just about any Blu-ray burner, so if you’re authoring high-definition discs, you’ll should proceed the assignment to some Blu-ray equipped plan or attach an outside USB Blu-ray writer.

Lenovo W510 Review

HSM 108.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Office Paper Shredder Review

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

The HSM 108.2 Strip Cut is a great mobile, entry level machine for use in busy offices. Built for moderate shredding needs, it works well in a central location for shared use between multiple people. With automated features and a display panel, this machine is simple to use. Here is a closer look at the details of the 108.2 Strip Cut Shredder.


Overall, operation of this machine is automated. After switching the shredder on, it sits in a standby mode without consuming electricity. As items are inserted through the safety shielded opening, a sensor turns the blades on to shred and off when finished. If a paper jam happens, simply switch your machine into reverse to release the overfed paper. LED indicator lights keep you aware of your shredders status at all times.
The powerful motor utilizes a specially adjusted closed-tooth drive system for higher performance and extended shredding periods. The tried and true system prevents dirt penetration and slows down wear, which in turn increases the service life. The entire unit is enclosed to prevent dust spread and offers “whisper quiet” operation, running at about the same noise level as a washing machine.
The 9.5 inch opening accepts up to 19 sheets at once, including staples, paperclips, credit cards, and CDs. The blades shred at 16 feet per minute, churning out ¼” strips.
Thin, illegible slices fall into a large 12.7 gallon reusable shred bag. If the bag is full or the pull-out door is open, the machine stops until the bag is emptied and the door is properly latched.
As with many HSM shredders, the blades come with a 20 year warranty while parts and labor is covered for two years.


Though this shredder is designed for multi-person use, the engine isn’t rated for continuous operation. This means that after a short time of intense use, the motor will shut down to cool off for a little while. Light to moderate users may not even notice this. But for use in an office with more than 5 people, you may want to upgrade to the next model up, the 125.2.
The unreadable strips only provide a low level two security. While this is great for general office documents, such as memos and old work orders, any confidential items need to go through a higher security, cross cut device. We suggest the 125.2cc Cross Cut Shredder.
While the shredding of CDs is nice, recycling is more difficult with the integrated waste. A segregated compartment for plastic waste is more environmentally friendly but not seen in HSM shredders. If this is important to you, we recommend MBM Destroyit 2270.

The many strengths show that the HSM 108.2 Strip Cut Shredder is well-suited for use in a busy office. It is robust enough to withstand moderate use by multiple people and offers the quick destruction of low risk documents. Any business will appreciate the efficiency and convenience of this device. We think the HSM 108.2 Strip Cut Shredder is an excellent choice for your next small office machine.

If you’d like to purchase the HSM 108.2, you should really visit They have this product available at a great price and they also have a wide selection of other Paper Shredders. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $ 75.00.Check it out for yourself now!

Hannspree HW-173ABB Widescreen LCD Monitor Review

Friday, October 14th, 2016

The hannspree HW 173BB monitor gives the newest technologies at reasonable price. It’s not one of the most performant LCD monitor on the market but it’s strong point’s the low price of 100$ . A generous display size of 43 cm and a resolution of 1240×1024 make it a great Monitor LCD 17.

The monitor supports 18-bit, this means that it can display in over 16 million colors for a perfect clear image. The maximum view angle is 160 and its pixels are no bigger than 0.255mm, giving a sharp precision in displaying videos or pictures.

Because of the fact that this monitor displays perfect quality pictures, the videos displayed look amazing, almost real like moving pictures. The response rate is narrowed down to 8 milliseconds response, improving a lot the quality of any video that plays on this screen.

The monitor can be plugged through DIV/VGA  HD-15, and has a maximum resolution of 1440×900.  Because of the very widescreen, this monitor is perfect as your own home cinema system, and creates an unforgettable high definition experience.

However, the monitor can only be connected to a computer, thus making it impossible for TV connections.

The product comes with a 3 years warranty and refundable money in case of damage to the monitor that has been caused by the manufacturer. This practically means that if you get to buy a broken Monitor LCD 17. The price for this device can be different from store to store, but only by a few dollars. At purchase you get to have all the cables and accessories included in your initial paid price. The warranty does not stand for the accessories that you receive, but most likely for the monitor that you bought.

The basic color for the monitor is all black, but since many people prefer this color when it comes to technology, the buyers are not complying about the lack of color.

Being very affordable and having a big time warranty, this monitor has a great advantage in front of all other more expensive products. Since you can watch HD movies for 100$ , why should you watch the same movies on a 300$ monitor.

Noman Rajput helps you with a step-by-step guide in buying 17″ LCD Monitors. For more info visit Monitor LCD 17

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Restaurant review: Paulie Gee's
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Triumph Spitfire 1500 Review

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Triumph Spitfire 1500 Review
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Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Breville Grind Control Review: Can Full Auto Satisfy a Coffee Geek?
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Harbor Freight – Central Pneumatic ¼” Mini Air Regulator With Gauge Review

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Originally recorded September 20, 2014. This is a review of the Harbor Freight Central Penumatic ¼” Mini Air Regulator With Gauge, Item # 68226. This is an air regulator, which is typically…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

BIKE Car Auto Digital LCD Tire Tyre Pressure Gauge PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM2 – REVIEW

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Saw no one posted a review about this product as I was purchasing it, so I thought I’d do one of mine own once receiving it, so here it is.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Rosemount Hotel, Perth, Australia – Review

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Perth’s mecca for live music has all that and more on offer. You become inundated by the personality The Rosemount harbours within its painted walls. Large, loud and busy, this place doesn’t take itself too seriously and you’re guaranteed a good time.

When I first walked into this place I was astonished by the size. On a busy Friday or Saturday night there is just so much happening; drinks, dinner and music. Its a lot to take in but after several drinks I always settle in quite nicely.

As I mentioned, the place is huge and full of different areas that give off vastly different vibes. The beer garden is awesome; it’s the perfect outdoor setting to chill out with a DJ and sit on real grass. It’s spacious and looks purpose built to provide a Sunday session to end all Sunday sessions. The inside of the hotel is where you can listen to the next up and coming talent. The Rosemount is famous for allowing pre-famous bands to grace it with their presence and who knows? You could be seeing the next international hit-makers in action. I’m fairly certain I haven’t though The corner bar is where the interior designers flexed their muscles and put odd shaped chairs and plasmas everywhere.

It’s cool and a great place to get fed (at a reasonable price), play some pool, watch sport and listen to music. The Rosemount’s patrons are a friendly crowd, wanting mostly to listen to the music and drink. Although there is no strict dress code, everyone seems as if they enjoy a shower or two throughout the week and some even dress to impress. If there is a certain act on the night you go, there will probably be a noticeable difference in personalities. So, if you’re not into death metal, maybe give the death metal night a miss?

The energy of the place is infectious. With a band belting out on the stage I couldn’t help but tap my foot and order another round. People get into it after a while and there is ample room to dance. It really is a great environment for a night out.

Prices are reasonable, during the week there’s all sorts of lunch and dinner specials and drinks are lower than most of the clubs in Perth. I think it’s also especially necessary to mention that Wednesday is student night and if you’re like me and value every penny, you can get all kinds of cheap food and drink deals. Beers and wines sit at $ 6 and above while you can get spirits for $ 7 plus. A cover charge might apply to get inside the hotel when there is a special act on but generally entry is free.

If you want a relaxed night and the ability to enjoy Perth’s beautiful weather in a great outdoor setting then strongly consider The Rosemount. It’s situated close to Perth and can easily be used as somewhere to start your night.

By Hamish Hastie forSydneyBars,AdelaideBars andBrisbane Bars

Review: Accu-Gage Tire Pressure Gauge *fixed*

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Review: Accu-Gage Tire Pressure Gauge *fixed*

Sorry about the last video looping. I picked up a new air pressure gauge, and though it was worth a good review. Hope you guys enjoy, picked this bad boy up …
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