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Budget Measure to Keep Fit

Monday, December 11th, 2017

The economy has everyone pinching pennies, and in some cases, that goes two times for baby boomers with plans on joining retirement. A 2008 survey from the American Association of Retired Persons, an advocacy group for older Americans, revealed that one in five middle-aged workers stopped contributing to their retirement plans in the last year, and one in three has targeted at delaying retirement. With your savings hanging in the balance and an uncertain retirement ahead, your first tendency might be to cut back in the extras – including canceling or forgoing renewal on your gym membership. While it’s certainly that now is a difficult financial time for many people, it’s vital to stay healthy and exercise contributes as a relief for stress and anxiety, depression and keeps your joints work smoothly.


Keeping fit and healthy doesn’t mean you have to have a pricey gym membership, just enough willpower and inclination to use what you have around your house. To keep healthy without draining your savings, here are some inexpensive alternatives you can resort to at home:


Keep Moving During “Must-See” TV

Sure, you could Tivo through the commercials to get to your favorite shows, or you could make the most of those minutes with a few exercises to get your metabolism moving. Cram a few crunches into the minutes behind your favorite show. March in place to keep things moving. With roughly one-third of television time dedicated to advertising, you could burn quite a few calories in a one hour program.


Create Your Own Support Team – Online or Off

Even if your best friend or spouse has a completely different schedule than you, there’s no reason you can’t have a workout buddy. Through the years, I’ve heard some fun ideas from the women who post at Boomer Women Speak. Consider your favorite health-focused websites and look for forums where you can relate to people like you who are working on staying in shape. While it’s nice to have someone to meet in person to keep you more accountable for your daily walks or exercises, having an online support group to trade health tips with can still help keep you on track.


Take the Stairs

It’s a tip you hear all the time in health-related articles, but how often do you consider doing it at home? In fact, maybe you even prolong laundry night because you just don’t feel like going up and down stairs. It may feel silly at first, but if you start out with 10 sets of stairs on your own homestead version of the “StairMaster” and follow it up with five more each day, you’ll start to feel less silly and start to feel the difference. As an added bonus – there’s not need to get dressed up to go to the gym, and you may even get to laundry night more often.


Shape up Instead of Channel Surfing

If you’re still keeping cable, you may as well make the most of it. Many cable companies offer exercise channels and networks like FitTV offer various exercise programs paced for you and fitness needs. Even better, you have the chance to try yoga and other new exercises without having to leave the house.


Re-discover the Benefits of Walking

Although running is an exercise people can do for free, it also creates tougher wear and tear on the joints as we mature. For less wear, and continued benefit, consider walking more often. If you’re starting from scratch and haven’t been exercising at all, begin with short, leisurely walks, and work your way to a three or four miles an hour.


Help Your Garden Grow

Working out doesn’t usually conjure up immediate images of laboring away outside in your garden, but all those hours spent sowing, raking, digging and mowing help the body keep moving and have the added benefit of a beautiful yard or garden space. While you’re outdoors, you’re also soaking up Vitamin D from the sunlight, which contributes to your joint and bone health by helping your body absorb calcium. Lack of calcium can lead to osteoporosis and joint pain, so immerse yourself in the great outdoors and see how it can work for you.


About the Author – Dotsie Bregel is Founder of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, and the wildly popular Web site, the # 1 site for “baby boomer women” online. She is passionate about empowering and educating midlife women.

Measure Your Oxygen Saturation

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Measure Your Oxygen Saturation

Oxygen saturation is the measurement of the amount of oxygen that is carried or dissolved in a given medium. As the heart contracts, the blood goes in the lungs where the oxygen molecules can bind to the red blood cells. Blood oxygen saturation or arterial oxygen saturation is the term used to refer the percentage of the red blood cell that is saturated by oxygen. Blood oxygen saturation is considered healthy if it ranges from 95 to 100 percent.

Oxygen saturation level may vary slightly depending on activity and age. The blood oxygen level that is less than 90 percent will be considered abnormal. All the body organs in the body need an adequate supply of oxygen to function effectively. If oxygen saturation is low, various health problems can occur

Hypoxemia is the term that is used to describe too low oxygen level. Symptoms may include fatigue, confusion, headache, and shortness of breathe. Because oxygen is needed in the brain and heart continuously, brain damage or even death can occur if blood oxygen level becomes too low.

Oxygen saturation can be measured to show signs of breathing problem or maybe a part of physical exam. There are 2 major ways to obtain oxygen saturation levels. One way is using pulse oximeter and the other way is using Arterial blood gas test.

Pulse oximeter is a device that is commonly utilized to determine the oxygen saturation. It is a small device that is usually clips in the patients ear lobe or finger tips and shines one red light and one infrared. These light beams will allow the pulse oximeter to read changes in the patients blood.

An arterial blood gas or ABG test may also be administered to provide more precise reading. This test involves blood extraction from the radial artery in the wrist. This test is known to be more painful than other kind of blood test in which blood extraction is usually done in the vein. Luckily, arterial blood gas is done quickly and can be well tolerated with small risk to the patients. The ABG results are available in a few minutes.

If you have too low oxygen saturation, treatment may be prescribed by your doctor. One of the treatments that are commonly used for low oxygen saturation is the oxygen therapy. Oxygen can be given in nasal or mask forms. The amount of oxygen that is usually given is based on the level of oxygen saturation is in the blood.

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Liquid level sensors: Great tool to measure the pressure across the flowing fluid

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

There are different ways through which you can measure the level of liquid. Sensors are specifically designed to accomplish this in an effective manner.

There has been a development across various industries that are being modernised at great pace. Sensors are used to a great extent for efficiency and optimisation. Controlling different processes to deliver quality is extremely important for companies that are engaged in creating a variety of products. It is a well known fact that Liquid level sensors which are being designed by companies are small in size and extremely easy to be installed. There are different applications of sensors today. Floods are a very common problem in recent times. Due to excessive rain, people face lots of problems in their house because water tends to get clogged, creating problems. You need to very careful and install Liquid level sensor so that information about the water level can be communicated to people in advance. Sewage systems are a perfect example of the deposition of rain water which causes huge problems. Sensors can help to warn the users so that they can avoid the problem to a great extent. Sewage water is dirty and considered to be a major health hazard.

• Fuel is in very short supply. Oil is transferred from one place to another in tanks that are filled periodically for transport. It is possible to measure the quantity of petrol using Liquid level sensors They are quite helpful to detect leakages helping save the environment.

• Sensors help to identify the level of liquid and make them more durable and long lasting. Ship travel has become quite popular in recent times. Moreover, different countries around the world engage in trade and commerce that would help to improve their economy.

• Sinking of ships could be detected by installing the Liquid level sensor which will help to determine the quantity of water inside the ship. It will enable the crew and concerned authorities to take preventive measures keeping the ship safe. One of the best examples of the sensors is in the brake component of the automobile.

• Brake fluid plays a very important role in controlling the movement of car. To ensure the component is working you need to confirm that the quantity of liquid is within the prescribed range. To detect its level, appropriate sensors are used that would help to alert drivers that their brakes would need looked at in the near future.

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Notable Devices to Measure Time in History

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

The idea of measuring time probably appeared 5000 to 6000 years ago. And many devices have been used to measure and keep track of time for thousands of years. Merkhet, obelisks, hourglass, mechanical clock, quartz clock, atomic clock and calendar are named as the most notable devices used to measure time in history.

The Ancient Egyptians are known as the first group of people to use the sun to measure the time. They divided the day into two 12-hour periods and used large obelisks to track the movement of the Sun. Of course, this way couldn’t work in cloudy weather or at night.

Ancient Egyptians used the sun to measure the time

The hourglass was also one among the oldest device to measure the time. It is believed that the hourglass is an invention of the ancient Egyptians. The hourglass features two glass chambers connected by a small opening.

Hourglass was one of the oldest devices to measure the time

Another Egyptian method of measuring the time is based on stars. They used a pair of merkhet, the oldest known astronomical tool, to establish a North-South line by lining them up with the Pole Star. By observing certain stars as they crossed the line created with the merkhets, Egyptians could measure the time.

Merkhet – the oldest known astronomical tool

Water clocks accompanied with sundials are likely to be the oldest time-measuring devices. It is not clear about when and where they were invented

The quartz clock dominated the market thanks to the accuracy and reliability of their performance as well as their low cost when produced in mass quantities

Calendar may have been used as a device to measure the time during the last glacial period by using tools such as sticks and bones to track the phrases of the moon or seasons

The mechanical clocks was said to be invented in medieval Europe. With three dials which show the hours, the minutes and the seconds, the mechanical clock was considered as one of the most important innovation in 16th century.

The mechanical clock was commonly used in churches in order to gather regular prayers

Atomic clock is the most accurate device to tell the time known to date. They are used to calibrate other clocks and timekeeping devices

Notable Devices to Measure Time in History


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Measure Your Bra Size

Friday, May 29th, 2015

I have been exhibiting ladies find out how to discover the fitting bra dimension since 1971, and in all that time, I’ve discovered that the primary factor that ladies do not perceive about bras is how they were designed to work.
The fashionable bra was designed to hold a girl’s breasts at the level the place they grew out of her body. A bra that does that is the right bra dimension for you. What precisely is the suitable level for you?
Stand in front of a mirror, with out your bra and with out anything masking you on prime, turn to the aspect, and look in the mirror. Do you see the underside line of your breasts the place they come out of your body? In the event you’re like most girls, your breasts themselves are hanging, sagging under that line. Possibly just a little, but maybe a lot.
Most ladies are wearing a bra that holds their breasts at the stage you see them hanging or sagging in the mirror. THIS IS A MISTAKE.
A bra worn like this is not doing what it was designed to do. If your bra lets your breasts sag below the place they grew out of your physique, you aren’t wearing the right bra size.
Now, raise up your boobs whilst you’re standing sideways within the mirror. You see the underside half, the part the place your boob becomes a part of your physique at its lowest level? The spot where you’d put a tape measure to take your “under the bust” measurement?
That is the level your bra ought to hold your breasts at, as a result of that’s the extent your breasts grew out of your body. The fashionable bra was designed to hold your breasts at that spot, as a result of that’s where your breasts belong, and your bra was designed to carry your breasts where they belong.
It’s possible you’ll suppose that I am needlessly repeating myself, but that is the one mistake that everybody is making. Do not be like everybody else. Be the 1 out of 10 girls who is aware of the right option to measure bra size.
Now here’s one thing interesting. Get a tape measure and take your “below the bust” measurement, just under your breasts the place they grew out of your body. Now transfer the tape measure a number of inches downward and take one other measurement. Then transfer the tape measure downward yet another time, and take another measurement. When most women do that, they discover that they get an even bigger number the decrease they measure on their body.
That is why wearing the proper bra dimension could make you appear to be you just lost 10 pounds, even more. As a result of the spot the place your breasts grew out of your body is the thinnest a part of your body, too.
However when you do not know your appropriate bra measurement, and your bra lets your breasts sag below your thinnest part, individuals cannot see that half anymore because your breasts are overlaying it up and making you look heavier than you actually are.
So now look in the mirror one more time, whilst you’re standing sideways. Make a mental notice of where your breasts are sagging to, and even take your tape measure and let one finish touch the ground and the opposite end measures where your breasts are sagging to.
Now put on your bra and turn sideways to the mirror again, and evaluate that picture to what you saw earlier, or take a new measurement from the ground to your breasts. In case your bra is just not holding your breasts higher than they were while you had on no bra at all, you want a new bra fitting.
And bear in mind, any gross sales clerk who would not provide you with a bra that holds your breasts at the spot they grew out of your body is a sales clerk who does not know the best way to correctly measure your bra size.

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The Measure of a Man

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

The measure of a man is the very OPPOSITE of what we see many do. He does not smoke, drink, collect girls, become maloko and burara to say his a real man. These things only develop bad habits and corrupt good character.

Boys don’t cry but men do. Boys are the immature males. Men are those who’ve grown up. Its okey to cry. We all have emotions, so when you feel like crying or hugging someone, don’t be afraid to do it. After all, real men do it all the time. Di kabaklaan yon.

LOVE = RESPECT + TRUST. It’s a simple Math equation. You can only say you have loved someone when you respect a person’s worth and you can trust your feelings with them. When one is absent, its not love. Its only PUROROT!!

Honesty is probably the sexiest thing a man can give a girl.

A real macho guy is not ‘bato-bato’! He is very sensitive and thoughtful and considerate of the feelings of others. Be that kind of macho man, ok? Di man sa muscles, sa pagkatao man lang.

A strong man admits sorry when he is wrong. And he looks at the eyes when asking for forgiveness.

A true man tells when he’s weak, or when he’s sick. He asks for help when he needs it. Because it’s okey.

In being japorms, remember that the best accessory you can wear is that good, smart head between your ears and that sweet smile on you face. Keep your heart pure & it will shine through in your smile. Yeah, like Rico Yan smile.

Treat a girl with gentleness—“Like A Rose”, ika nga ng A1. Even with the loud ones and the matatarays. NEVER break their hearts even when they break yours. Love only one-at-a-time. And when you feel “pilyo” about someone, remind yourself: What if another man does that to your mother or sister matutuwa ka ba?

In choosing your college course, consider 2 THINGS: What you CAN do (your talent) & what you LIKE to do (your interest). When you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Your job will be your hobby. And you will succeed in it.

Don’t forget to say I LOVE YOU to people you love, everyday. Or at least show it. Yes, kahit bakya or corny. Di mo alam kung kelan sila— O ikaw–ay lilisan. Learn from Mikko Sotto’s short life. Do it NOW!

When big problems come, face it courageously. Tell youself that God won’t give you problems you cannot handle. See trials as chances to be stronger, wiser & a better man. Tawagin mo ang problema na “Hamon”

And when things get too much, ask for help. Hindi ikaw si Superman. Kahit nga siya ay naguguluhan eh, di malaman kung alin ba ang dapat unang isusuot, pants ba o brief! So ask for help & admit it when you’re helpless or confused. Your strengths will come from your weaknesses.

Choose friends you admire. Yung may good influence sayo. Lalo na yung God-fearing, sports minded at masisipag mag-aral. They will challenge you to do better. Rizal was right: “Tell me who your friends are & I’ll tell you who you are.” Find the best ones & when they come, don’t let them go. Girlfriends will pass, but real friends stay 4ever. So pa’no, pakakawalan mo pa ba ako?


Bring and be thankful. Be appreciative of everyone & everything. Yun ang may lalim na lalaki.

Be the perfect gentleman. A real TIGASIN not only has hard muscles, but he has a mammon heart. You don’t prove na “man” ka by your fist that punch, but by your hands that touch lives & soothe pain. Be gentle ha, like DOUNEY…!

Be nice to strangers. You’ll be surprised at how much a simple smile to a boy on a wheelchair or a “Hi?” to that ugly schoolmate everyone is making fun of, or helping a kid or an old lady can go a looong way. Men like that are the real heroes. Will you be one?

Sex before an outside marriage is BAD. It’s exciting, yes, but it is not RIGHT. It’s wonderful “to make love” to someone you care for or just “have sex” with anyone. Make it a “first-time-mo” ONLY with your future wife. Deal?

A man without prinsipyo is like a bird without wings, or a fish that cannot swim. INTEGRITY is doing things according to what you believe, kahit nag-iisa ka lang & even when all is against you. Stand up for your convictions. That’s the MAN, men! Yo, yes, yes, yo!

The best measure of a man is when he can bow down his head & bend his knees in prayer to God. When you have JESUS in your heart as your personal Lord & Savior, you can do all that I said here, with God’s grace. Ibang-iba ang may Diyos sa buhay. Ibang-iba. Maniwala ka.

YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Can This Compost Thermometer Measure Soil Temp?

Sunday, March 29th, 2015 Can This Compost Thermometer Be Used to Measure the Soil Temperature in the Spring? Thanks for all the questions! I welcome them and am always glad to answer. Recently.

How to Measure Your Blood Pressure at Home

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Ideally, you should have blood pressure at or below 120 over 80, generally written as 120/80. If your average reading is at 140/90 or higher, the risk of heart disease or stroke increases dramatically. At the other end of the scale, low blood pressure levels are generally considered to be around 100/60. It is called hypotension which also causes problems but affects much fewer people than hypertension.

Blood pressure readings are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and two numbers are used. The first is the systolic pressure reading. It represents the maximum pressure exerted when the heart contracts. The second value is diastolic pressure reading. It represents the pressure in the arteries when the heart is at rest. Both values are important, even if many will tell you that a high diastolic value is more serious than a high systolic value.

Some people only experience hypertension when they visit the doctor. This is called white coat hypertension and is generally caused by feeling anxious being in a medical environment. This can affect readings by as much as 20-30 mmHg.

Almost everyone can monitor their blood pressure at home themselves. The exception is if you have a medical condition such as lymphoedema then you should not have a reading taken on the affected arm, as the pressure reading can make it worse.

Three different types of monitors are available; finger monitors, wrist monitors and upper arm monitors. Generally speaking, you should avoid finger monitors, they seldom give accurate readings. The upper arm monitors are generally the most accurate. It’s a little bit more awkward to use an upper arm monitor than a wrist type monitor but in most cases you get more accurate readings.

Try to measure your blood pressure at the same time of day, when your body is relaxed. You may want to take a couple of slow breaths and picturing yourself relaxing on a tropical beach. Always use the same arm for readings. You want to make sure that you compare apples with apples. You should be sitting down, preferably at a desk or a table, in a quiet place, with your arm resting on a firm surface. It is very important that your arm is supported so that the cuff around the arm is at the same level as your heart. Also, ensure that the arm is totally relaxed and not tensed.

A high reading once in a while is not a problem. The important readings are the averages over a period of time and not individual readings. If your readings are slightly higher than 120/80, you may want to try relaxation and slow breathing exercises. If your readings indicate hypertension, you should seek medical advice.

For more information about how to lower your blood pressure, go to