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Concern: The Virtual Test And Measurement Instruments Become The Mainstream Industry – Virtual

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Since the twentieth century, since the mid-eighties, virtual instrument technology has been combined with a modular hardware, development software and PC technology, which enables users to create custom software instruments. Software-defined functions than the vendor-defined way of desktop devices for greater flexibility, and because PC-based technology, they are able to achieve faster advanced features.

Now in test applications using virtual instrument technology has become mainstream. Most testing industry has accepted the concept of virtual instrumentation, or a preference for virtual instrumentation. For example, a representative of the U.S. military, though not the leader in technology trends, but also in widespread use of virtual instrumentation. As the world’s largest ATE (Automated Test Equipment) independent users, the U.S. Department of Defense has in their comprehensive instrument to promote the use of the concept of software-based devices. Report to Congress, the Defense Ministry said: “In the development of integrated devices, with the commercialization of new technologies in real time to configure the instrument to achieve a variety of testing capabilities …… a single integrated device can replace multiple independent function of the instrument, thus reducing the volume of logistical equipment and to address the problem of aging equipment. “[February 2002, the Ministry of Defence Office of the technical improvement report to Congress]. Integrated instrument and virtual instrument technology with commercial hardware and software processing features, these two together can create user-defined instrument.

Present, thousands of major companies have started using virtual instrumentation. Detection only in the production, like Lexmark, Motorola, Delphi, ABB and Philips have these industry leaders in key projects, large-scale product test applications using virtual instrumentation hardware and software. In the industrial field, the virtual instrument technology has been used for automation of oil drilling and refining, production of machine control, and even nuclear reactor control.

The problems of traditional instruments and innovators
ClaytonChristensen of the same name as described in the book, traditional instruments will suffer in the meantime, “innovators of the problem.” Christensen is described this phenomenon: the new breakthrough technology will change the market outlook and ultimately overthrow the market leader position. In fact, Christensen that the market leader in new technologies is very difficult to reverse after leading the market up. In test and measurement field, the traditional instruments by using the existing structure to improve the measurement performance and continuous innovation along this direction. In the early days of virtual instrumentation, measurement of performance because of its relatively low, so in this case, the breakthrough technology with traditional instrumentation, and without much threat, so they largely ignored the virtual instrument technology existence. However, the twentieth century, the late eighties and early nineties, the virtual instrument technology been applied to measure the need for flexibility, which are applied by conventional methods can not be achieved. To the late nineties and the twenty-first century, with the PC processor and the commercialization of semiconductor performance and further improve the accuracy of the virtual instrument technology, measuring performance has improved much more than the original. Now, the virtual instrument technology and performance of traditional instruments of measurement equal to or exceed them, but also has a higher data rate, flexibility, scalability, and lower system cost.

In the consumer goods market in order to prove the “innovators problems” this principle, we can compare MP3 and traditional broadcast media such as CD. The beginning of the traditional audio equipment manufacturers are not aware of the threat of MP3 player?? After all, MP3 sound quality decreased, and when you need to play PC and specialized software. On the other hand, CD player, is easy to use and have a special user interface (buttons and knobs). However, due to sharing of MP3 and portable with easy-to-edge, so despite its shortcomings, is still in the early birth praised by some users. Over time, MP3 quality has been acceptable and MP3 player software has also been a great development. MP3 has become mainstream now, and the traditional audio recording and playback industry caused a great threat. Although many traditional player manufacturers through the development of the final player with MP3 function to shift to this breakthrough technology (Sony recently introduced a MP3Walkman), but the new market has been the first introduction of MP3 technology, led the company. For example, Apple has captured the hard disk based music player sales, 82% [NPD, 2004 8 months].

In test and measurement market, an industry leader Agilent has also introduced the concept of virtual instrumentation. For example, Agilent recently introduced products include a set of Ethernet-based “integrated equipment” and is compatible with PXI arbitrary waveform generator, and the industry-standard PXI is the platform for virtual instrumentation. Agilent’s JohnStratton also recently expressed support for software-defined and comprehensive equipment concept: “and the current standard use of rack solutions, another option is to use the integrated devices. Integrated device uses software algorithms and hardware modules to replace the separate The test unit. “[the military and aerospace electronics, June 2004]. In a recent investor conference, the Agilent’s chief operating officer BillSullivan proposed, “to use the software-based modular instrumentation configuration, allowing users to easily configure and re-use to repeat, it will be testing and measuring the direction of future development . “

PC performance and reduce cost innovation
In the past two decades, PC’s performance has improved 10,000-fold, not to any other business of technology there had been such a high performance growth. As the use of virtual instrumentation for measurement of PC processors, each with the emergence of a new generation of PC processors, the use of virtual instrument technology new applications can be achieved. For example, the current 3GHzPC can be used to carry out complex analysis of frequency domain and modulation for use in communications test applications. Using the 1990 PC (Intel386/16), 65,000 points of the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform for spectral analysis of the basic measurement) needs 1100 seconds. And now the P4 3.4GHz computer using the FFT to achieve the same offer just 0.8 seconds [Ffbench, JohnWalker].

At the same time, hard disk, display, and bus bandwidth has a similar performance improvement. A new generation of high-speed PC bus bandwidth can provide up to PCIExpress 3.2GBytes / s, which can be used PC architecture to achieve high bandwidth measurements. Some companies claim to be giving way to high-speed internal bus such as Ethernet and

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Frequency Measurement Based On Virtual Instrument Software System Design – The Electronics Industry

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Introduction Including ballistic radar speed, we must complete the projectile velocity measurements, Doppler velocimetry under the principle of the need for measuring the Doppler frequency estimation, while the frequency estimation is a classic signal parameter estimation problem. At home and abroad have made a lot of ways, the main and sometimes domain, spectral estimation method and time of a frequency domain, time domain method in which a number of cycles the main zero-crossing detection method and two, the main disadvantage is low accuracy; and Time frequency domain method of a main short time Fourier transform, Wigner distribution of a Virgin, while the calculation generally higher, difficult to complete real-time processing.

In addition, the development of virtual instruments with the aid of their good man-machine interface and powerful signal processing, signal processing platform for the construction are also becoming a trend. In essence, the virtual instrument is the instrument technology and computer technology combined with deep product, it stressed that “software is the instrument” concept that allows users to define their own needs instrument function, they need to better set up a test system . It is based on signal processing and acquisition (ADC), data analysis and processing (DSP), the results of the output (DAC) and display the structure model of a common signal processing hardware platform, in this general signal processing hardware platform, called different test software on different functions of the apparatus constitutes a [1]. Based on this, this virtual instrument platform, combined with the power spectrum estimation and the combination of measurement frequency measurement, frequency measurement system for the design.

1 Frequency Measurement Often, as a useful signal and noise spectral characteristics are different, power spectrum estimation method is a noise background in the extraction of useful signals (eg sine wave) is an effective way. In view of this, the Doppler frequency measurement, data can be collected before the power spectrum analysis, and then measuring frequency by frequency domain methods to obtain complete Doppler frequency. In the power spectrum analysis can be divided into the classical and modern spectral estimation spectral estimation, classical spectral estimation method typical of a periodogram, Welch law; and modern spectral estimation methods are typical of AR model method, MA modeling, ARMA model method, entropy method, maximum likelihood and characteristics of decomposition method. Frequency Domain Frequency Measurement There are energy center of gravity method, peak search procedure, by choosing a different power spectrum analysis and frequency domain methods of measuring frequency combination, can achieve the purpose of measuring signal frequency.

1.1 Welch power spectrum estimation
Towel in the classical power spectrum estimation, using direct periodogram estimate of spectral properties is often not good, mainly relatively large fluctuations in the spectrum, the variance is relatively large. Welch method can be improved by direct periodogram estimate the variance of spectral features. The basic idea is to use sub-windowing method to a data length N XN (n) into L segments, length of M, and allow each section of data, some overlapping, were calculated for each section of the power spectrum Pi ( ), then average them to obtain the average power spectrum after , Namely:

Known under the theory of probability and statistics: Using the Welch method to estimate the variance of power spectrum is roughly a direct estimate of the spectrum of the variance of 1 / L, and the section the more the smaller variance, but the frequency resolution the lower the deviation becomes larger. So, in actual use should take into account the requirements of the variance and resolution selection of appropriate values of L and M [2].

1.2 AR model spectrum estimation method
AR model spectrum estimation method to do the principle is: the analysis assumes that the signal x (n) is a mean square error for the White noise (n) excited linear shift invariant system H (x) (or AR model) are available, the analysis of the signal power spectrum is estimated at:

Where: Input sequence variance, n1, a2 … …, ap for the parameters to be estimated [3-4]. functionImgZoom (Id) / / re-set the picture size to prevent bursting form (var w = $ (Id). width; var m = 650; if (w

2 Frequency Measurement System 2.1 virtual instrument front panel design

Start LabVIEW, select the option to open a new panel, and then use C0ntrols template control object (controls) and display objects (indications) to create a graphical user interface (ie front panel) [5]. In the frequency measurement system design, based on the frequency of measurement, the front panel includes signal generating module, power spectrum estimation module, the frequency measurement module and results display module of four parts, design of the interface shown in Figure 1.

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Plate Magnets Are Important To Industry

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Mass production has some dangerous drawbacks because foreign objects can go unnoticed and cause damage or injury.  Harvested crops are processed through large equipment run across the ground where parts come loose and can drop into the product.  Multiple passes by gleaners to remove all foreign objects will miss the tiniest objects that contaminate the final product if not removed.  Plate magnets were invented in direct response to the need to purify large quantities of non-metal ingredients through machinery made completely of metal.

Plate magnets are one inch thick and vary from eight to twenty-four inches wide and match the width of standard conveyor belts.  The face of the magnet falls into the categories of standard or food-grade, which must be certified, for use in food processing for humans and animals.  During the design of the processing plant, plate magnets of the appropriate size and strength are ordered and installed.

For ease of cleaning, the plate magnet housing surrounds the flat magnet, and a set of hinges holds the framed magnet while one edge is lifted directly upward with the handle.  When all metal and ferrous objects have been removed from the magnet’s surface, the assembly is closed, and the conveyor is started again.  One of the best methods for cleaning the magnet is to use a small vacuum to ensure the capture of every object.  Since metal is not supposed to be in the product passing by the magnet, the cleaning is not required very often.  Prior to cleaning the magnet, close examination is made of the foreign matter and recorded to track the types of objects that are contaminating the ingredients.

Anywhere delicate equipment could be damaged by a small piece of metal, a plate magnet is mounted above or below the conveyor belt to capture any foreign matter.  When the product is processed through another machine, another plate magnet will follow to ensure that nothing metal fell from the machine into the product.  Animal feed and human food producers use plate magnets to ensure product purity at every stage of production.  Anywhere industrial equipment is used for non-metal materials, multiple plate magnets are planned into the processing line.  Another place where plate magnets are found is in gravity, pneumatic and vacuum duct systems where a foreign piece of metal can become a missile within the system.  Plate magnets are mounted within corners to pull any foreign objects out of the main airway.

Any foreign object found by the end consumer can cause very expensive product recalls that can damage the reputation of the company for many years to come.  Employee safety is equally important when removing sharp objects and bits of rust from materials during processing activities.  Plate magnets play a key role in protecting equipment and purifying product materials in large factories and processing plants.  The effort to purify food and keep employees safe is rarely understood or appreciated by most consumers.


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O snow shower gel crown differential pressure Kwan Fong consumption in Guangdong – shower gel, Unilever – hairdressing industry

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

This New Year Day, shower gel also joined the ranks of prices, the average increase of about 10%. General rise in the price of wind, the shower gel prices rose slightly, and did not attract many people’s attention. As we all know, shower gel in the South China strong consumer demand for many years, known as daily “shower” habit of Guangzhou people’s lives as they must for shower gel, washing market in southern China a major main categories. Is precisely because of this, Guangzhou shower gel was extremely fierce competition in the market, showing a different market with other regional characteristics.

Advantages domestic brands Australia snow-capped pressure Qunfang

Washing with other regional markets is significantly different in the context of conquering a city the national market, P & G, Unilever and other multinational companies in the Guangdong market does not seem like the other regions is so strong; in fact, rely on the brand of Guangdong native wash days after independence was gained even greater resources and market advantages.

If the local wash brand in Guangdong accounted for “place” and “human” factor, they can grasp the “day” who will be able to stand out in the market, fame, from Guangdong Zhongshan Snow Brand Australia is One of the best examples. Past few years, Australia has been ranked as the snow shower gel markets in southern China, a southern China real shower gel brand, its sales have more than Oil of Olay “foreign brands.”

It is understood that, as early as 2004 years ago, the shower gel does not end like now so intense competition, Australia will move faster than the snow, targeting market opportunities, key input terminal, they played the “promotion card”, seize shower gel Terminal market share. Guangzhou Ming Hing Cosmetic Firm, general manager of Zhen-Yan told reporters, accompanied by the success of end markets and significantly improve sales and market control efforts appear to be relatively weak, O snow two years ago, a price system in chaotic situation. From 2007, Australia snow begun efforts to control the market price, the price this is gradually stabilizing, Australia snow shower gel market in Guangdong, and more stable leadership.

Zhen-Yan also said that in recent years, although the Australian snow shower gel into the Guangdong market, “terminal trump card”, but did not give up their traditional distribution channels, the current Australian snow is still “walking on two legs.” He disclosed that since last year, Australia will go snow closed the news channel in the industry has been spread, it is foreseeable that this is the Australian snow in a general direction for future development.

Another brand of shower gel from Zhongshan, Guangdong AIDS adopted in the market also has a solid market base, the market was second only to Australia and snow; At the same time, Bo Lisi to stabilize the channel gain control and marketing services market in Guangzhou is becoming a strong upward trend.

Differentiation shower gel consumption of old and new city of Guangzhou have their own preferences

“The overall situation in Guangzhou, the local brands hold an advantage, but at the same time, shower gel market consumption has a clear regional characteristics, differences between old and new forms of urban consumption habits.” Guangzhou Ming Hing cosmetics firm Proxy There Boli Si, Skyway, and other brands of shower gel, Zhen-yan to the reporters that in Liwan District, Yuexiu District, the old town, major supermarket chains densely distributed, Oil of Olay, Lux, Dove and P & G, Unilever subsidiary shower gel brand by more consumers. In the Baiyun and Panyu City and surrounding areas and other new, large number of migrant workers in these new urban area, the Canton native shower gel, especially in the second and third line is very popular brand.

And body wash brand consumption is associated with differences in Guangzhou city of old and new consumer packaging for the shower gel is also their own taste. In general ,200-300ml shower gel capacity performed better in the old city, while urban consumers are more inclined to choose a new 900-1000ml large packages or family pack products. In Australia snow, for example, Australia snow shower gel covers high, medium and low-cost multi-segment products. Among them, the high-end series of multi-equipment specifications to 200ml mainly located in the white-collar audiences and markets. Retail price of 15-16 yuan; middle and low product Zeyi 900ml large packaging mainly teas sell well in the new city.

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China Electronic Measuring Instruments Industry Profile – Cic4128 — Aarkstore Enterprise

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Through a comparative analysis on the development of electronic measuring instruments industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities in visualized form of data map, the report provides key data and concise analyses on the electronic measuring instruments industry in China, a list of top 20 enterprises in the sector as well as the comparison on investment environment in top 10 hot regions. In addition, the report truly reflects the position of foreign enterprises in electronic measuring instruments industry across China based on a comprehensive comparison of operating conditions among different enterprise types.

This report is based on Chinese industry classification (Industrial Classification For National Economic Activities, GB/T 4754-2002).

Additionally, by original creation of ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index, the report directly shows the difference in various regions of Mainland China in terms of electronic measuring instruments industry, providing an important reference for investors’ selection of target regions to make investment.

What will you get from this report?


To get a comprehensive picture on distribution of and difference in performance in regions of Mainland China in terms of the electronic measuring instruments industry;

To figure out the hot regions in China for electronic measuring instruments industry, find out the potential provinces and cities suitable for investment as well as the economic development level and investment environment in these regions;

To get a clear picture on the overall development, industry size and growth trend of electronic measuring instruments industry across China in the past 3 years;

To get a clear picture on development status of foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises in recent years as well as the industry position of the above ownerships;

Present you with a list of top 20 enterprises inside the industry.

Regions Covered By This Report


All the 31 provincial regions in Mainland China;

Top 20 cities in terms of electronic measuring instruments industry.

Enterprise Types Covered By This Report


Top 20 enterprises;

Enterprises Funded by Foreign Countries (territories), Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan;

Chinese State-owned Enterprises;

Collective-owned Enterprises;

Cooperative Enterprises;

Joint-Equity Enterprises;

Private Enterprises.

ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index

It is an indicator through aggregate weighted computation based on the three authority statistics of enterprise numbers, sales revenue and profit by region and corporate ownership, and in accordance with the regional distribution of leading enterprises inside the sector. Through horizontal comparison on the electronic measuring instruments industry development in different provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, the ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index is specially designed to truly reflect the conditions of regional distribution for the electronic measuring instruments industry, providing a quantitative, visual and reliable reference for relevant users to make decisions. The ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index adopts a hundred mark system. For a certain region, the higher the score, the higher the distribution concentration in this region and the industry position of the region shall be more important.

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Juice thermo-acidophilic bacteria detection and control – fruit juice, detection, thermo-acidophilic bacteria – Food Industry

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

The late nineties of last century, as China Juice Industrial development, especially in the growing export fruit juice concentrates, fruit juice international market for China’s increasingly stringent quality requirements, continue to set the technical barriers, the juice is one of thermo-acidophilic bacteria. Initially, the juice business, research Detector Structure of such a lack of understanding of microbial contamination is difficult to control in production on its. The next few years, we have adopted to strengthen and foreign, foreign research institutions to communicate, bonding juice production process, these microorganisms in the juice of the fruit quality will be the source of what impact, how to detect, control of such microorganisms and other issues in-depth study and exploration to help enterprises improve production of many fruit juice processing conditions, to products that thermo-acidophilic bacteria has been well controlled. Currently, most concentrated fruit juice products company has been able to meet the requirements of foreign investors on this indicator, in order to enable us to better understand and solve the thermo-acidophilic bacteria in juice of technical problems, we consider it necessary to acidophilic the characteristics of heat-resistant bacteria, measurement and process control and other work to sum up, in order to further common understanding, improve product quality.

1, thermo-acidophilic bacteria of the types and characteristics

Concentrated fruit juice generally have a lower pH, water activity is low, the characteristics of higher sugar content in fruit juice processing and concentration process to go through heating, so the vast majority of micro-organisms can not survive, and only a few bacteria, mold and yeast can survive in the fruit juice concentrate. Thermo-acidophilic bacteria is that a small number of bacteria in a class. PH value in the lower, the thermo-acidophilic bacteria can form spores with heat resistance, juice pasteurization commonly used in hard to kill. Its spores survive in dormant form: in the concentrated fruit juice, when the fruit juice after rewatering, suitable conditions will Bacillus germination, growth, resulting in loss of juice products aroma, taste variation, turbidity increased, the formation of precipitation. It is noteworthy that there is thermo-acidophilic bacteria does not necessarily make the product bad, not spoiled fruit juice can be detected in bacteria, deterioration occurs only under appropriate conditions, will generally lead to loss of fruit flavor and a slight haze.

1984, there were researchers from the pasteurized apple juice after the corruption identified as an acidophilus bacteria, the strain can be 26 ~ 55 temperature range pH2.6 ~ 6.0 under the conditions of growth, and its spores with strong resistance to heat, at lower pH value, the industry after pasteurization can still survive. 1992, the researchers classified the type of thermo-acidophilic bacteria in a new genus: genus.AlicydobacJllus. Currently, the genus is known mainly three kinds: Bacillusacidocaldarius, Bacillusacidoterrestris and Bacilluscycloheptanicus.

Alicyclobacillus species of bacteria are strict acidophilic bacteria, their growth pH range of 2.0 to 6.0, growth temperature range of 40 ~ 70 , which are aerobic or facultative anaerobic bacteria, when the adverse environmental and nutritional conditions to the formation of endogenous spores.

Alicyclobacillusacedocaldarius as aerobic gram-positive bacteria, can form spores in dust, long 2 ~ 3m, width 0.7 ~ 0.8rrm, 5 ~ 6 cells formed short chains. The kinds of bacteria sporangia not expanding, less heat tolerance. The kinds of bacteria growth pH range of 2.0 to 6.0, optimum growth temperature was 45 ~ 70 , without growth factor. The species of bacteria colony flat, irregular margin, does not produce pigment. The main sources of bacteria to the thermal environment.

Alicyclobacitlusacidoterrestfis as aerobic gram-positive bacteria, can form spores in dust, long 2.9 ~ 4.3pm, width 0.6 ~ 0.8rrm, endogenous spore is oval. The kinds of bacteria do not need growth factors, growth temperature range of 35 ~ 55 , optimum temperature of 42 ~ 53 , the growth pH can range from 2.2 to 5.8, 5% sodium chloride can not grow under the conditions. The kind of vaccine off the round, yellow-white, opaque or translucent.

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Linear Guide Ntc Temperature Sensor – Temperature Sensor – Electronics Industry – Flanged Ball Valve

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Thermal component, it is actually a linear temperature – voltage conversion device, that is in communication with operating current (100uA) under the conditions of the voltage component changes linearly with temperature in order to achieve the non-electricity to power linear transformation.

2. Linear NTC temperature Sensor What are the main features?
This temperature sensor whose main characteristic is the temperature in the working temperature range – voltage relationship as a straight line, which for the secondary development of temperature measurement, temperature control circuit design, without linearization, temperature measurement can be completed or temperature control circuit, thereby simplifying the design and debug instrument.

3. Linear NTC temperature sensor Temperature range for it?
The general, the temperature can range between -200 ~ +200 , but consider the actual needs of the general need not be so wide temperature range, which provides three different sections to accommodate different package design, while the choice of the extension cord is also different. For the linear thermal temperature compensation specific components, only the set temperature range is -40 ~ +80 . Fully meet the general circuit of temperature compensation purposes.

4. Choose to extend the line of what principles should be followed?
General in the -200 ~ +20 , -50 ~ +100 wish to use an ordinary Shuangjiao line; in the range of 100 ~ 200 high temperature wire should be used.

5. Reference voltage mean? Reference voltage is 0 of temperature sensors placed in field (ice water mixture), in communication with operating current (100 A) of the conditions, the sensor voltage. Voltage is actually 0:00. The said symbol V (0), the value of the factory calibration, the sensor temperature coefficient S as the same value as long as that reference voltage V (0), knowledge can point to any temperature sensor voltage, without sensor for indexing. The formula is:

V (T) = V (0) + S T (the curve below)
Example: If the reference voltage V (0) = 700mV; temperature coefficient S =- 2mV / , then at 50 , the sensor output voltage V (50) = 700? 2 50 = 600 (mV). This linear temperature sensor is better than other temperature sensors a society.

6. Temperature coefficient of S’s mean?
Temperature coefficient S is the required operating conditions, the sensor output voltage change and temperature change ratio, which changes every 1 temperature sensor output voltage changes in the value: S = V / T ( mV / ).

Temperature coefficient of linear temperature sensor is used as the physical basis of temperature measurement devices, their role and Thermistor B-values similar to the parameters in the entire operating temperature range is the same value, that is-2mV / , and various types of sensors are the same values that the traditional thermistor temperature sensor is unparalleled.

7. Swap accuracy What is the significance of this argument?

Swap accuracy is in the same working conditions (the same current, the same temperature field) for an ideal fit with a fixed line, every sensor voltage V (T)? Temperature T curve and the straight line maximum deviation, the deviation usually in the temperature sensor? voltage conversion factors to express S converted into temperature.

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A Legendary New York Industry Finally Gets Into Tech

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

A Legendary New York Industry Finally Gets Into Tech
The creator of the internet browser, Marc Andreesen, famously said “software is eating the world,” but you probably still enter your home with a metal key, control your heat with a bimetallic strip thermostat and flick vents closed with your index …
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How to build the ultimate Nissan GT-R
On September 30th 2013, ex FIA GT1 champion Michael Krumm strapped himself into a Nismo GT-R. He then went for a lap around the Nurburgring. Presumably with his underwear on fire, because he returned exactly seven minutes, eight seconds and 679 …
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2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn First Drive
Like a yacht with a lot of freeboard, the flanks rise impressively to the top of the door, but then there's some tumblehome inward to the thick brightwork strip ringing the cabin. … Our Dawn's speaker grilles are a generic tight black metal mesh …
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Infrared Thermometers and Their Rising Requirement in Testing Industry

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Termed as IR thermometers or laser thermometers, these Infrared Thermometers are targeted by heavy industries where there is s a need to measure temperature in varied aspects. These thermometers are effective equipments in determining temperature of an object from a certain distance. Subtle with high technology and laser radiation, these thermometers helps in serving wide variety of temperature monitoring function. Designed with traits of reliability and durability Infrared Thermometers are portable and best when used.

With various thermometers and infrared equipments which include Spot Infrared Thermometer, Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras or Infrared Cameras, Infrared Scanning Systems etc, these devices ensure quality and authenticity in their applicable area.

Infrared Thermometers are widely acceptable because of their emissivity feature, which make them ideal to be used on a variety of materials and surfaces. Incorporated with unique trait of temperature data storage and long time measuring reliability, these thermometers are best in services. Among measuring equipments, testing equipments have also made an immense contribution in varied field.

With the dawn of Digital Multimeters and Digital Pressure Gauge, testing and measuring industries have expanded their horizons. These testing equipments with their diverse role have been valuable to industries in large. With a mark of consistency these testing and measuring digital equipments have also applauded profitability.

Beneficial in measuring voltage, current and resistance these analogue or Digital Multimeters are awfully favorable in heavy industries. Available in wide ranges and best features these multimeters are updated with latest systematic technology. Used for electronics and household needs, these multimeters stand for accuracy and current sensing. Digital Pressure Gauge are mostly used for measuring pressure in various forms, has taken digital world a step ahead. These devices convert applied pressure into signals and in turn numerically display the results. Capable of displaying pressure measurement in different units, Digital Pressure Gauge can be easily located in the market. Unique in function and best in use these infrared thermometers or testing equipments have become the first choice of smart working firms.

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Situation about Key Parts of China s Automotive Industry

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

China’s automobile industry has gained a rapid development. In 2009, the annual output had reached 13.79 million. And China becomes one of world’s largest car producers. However, some key parts such as bearing bush, axes guide, thrust washers, and car mold standard parts mainly rely on imports which bring both the golden opportunities and great challenges to the Chinese bearing manufacturers and automotive mold manufacturing industries.

At present, China’s resource-saving bearing manufacturing technology which is the independent intellectual property is more material-saving and energy-saving than the conventional bi-metal bearing manufacturing technology. It requires less investment and less usage of equipments. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for development. Until the end of the patent license of “Automotive mold self-lubricating composite metal embossing die V block” in 2009, China had completed the restructuring of the traditional and existing sintering bi-metal manufacturing technology of sliding bearing through twenty years’ accumulation and efforts. And then China realized the shape manufacturing of different bearing categories which made from the steel – copper alloys. There are bushing bearing, thrust bearing, sliding bearings with special shapes, and sliding bearings with solid lubrications, etc.

The rate of utilization of the steel and copper alloy materials has reached nearly one hundred percent. Since then, the manufacture of sliding bearings have changed from the rough shaping of the material removal into a net shape processing which has high efficiency, light weight, and low-cost and so on. The net shape manufacturing method helps to save materials and energy so as to provide sliding bearing accessories for the development of the China’s automotive industry.

Auto mold industry is known as “the mother of auto industry.” To some extent, the mold industry is the mark to measure the development level of the car manufacturer or even the national auto industry. Although through years of development, China auto mould technology and capability has made much progress, it still lags behind in the world automotive manufacturing industries. According to the statistics, about 90% of the auto molds are not “Made in China”. And the majority of the luxury car molds depend on imports.

There are many suggestions to follow: firstly, creating a resource-saving sliding bearing manufacturing industry with the independent intellectual property. It is not only in accordance with the national policies, but also in line with the policies for the key parts of China’s automobile industry development. Besides, it is an important choice for the development of the automotive parts manufacturing industry.

Secondly, we should seize the opportunity of domestication of the automotive parts to lay a solid base for the rise of our own auto brands. is the global B2B platform in the industry of mechanical parts. SeekPart aggregates the trade leads in this area, and our ultimate target is to benefit the buyers and sellers of mechanical parts by utilizing these leads through our online tools.