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Concern: The Virtual Test And Measurement Instruments Become The Mainstream Industry – Virtual

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Since the twentieth century, since the mid-eighties, virtual instrument technology has been combined with a modular hardware, development software and PC technology, which enables users to create custom software instruments. Software-defined functions than the vendor-defined way of desktop devices for greater flexibility, and because PC-based technology, they are able to achieve faster advanced features.

Frequency Measurement Based On Virtual Instrument Software System Design – The Electronics Industry

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Introduction Including ballistic radar speed, we must complete the projectile velocity measurements, Doppler velocimetry under the principle of the need for measuring the Doppler frequency estimation, while the frequency estimation is a classic signal parameter estimation problem. At home and abroad have made a lot of ways, the main and sometimes domain, spectral estimation method and time of a frequency domain, time domain method in which a number of cycles the main zero-crossing detection method and two, the main disadvantage is low accuracy; and Time frequency domain method of a main short time Fourier transform, Wigner distribution of a Virgin, while the calculation generally higher, difficult to complete real-time processing.

Plate Magnets Are Important To Industry

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Mass production has some dangerous drawbacks because foreign objects can go unnoticed and cause damage or injury.  Harvested crops are processed through large equipment run across the ground where parts come loose and can drop into the product.  Multiple passes by gleaners to remove all foreign objects will miss the tiniest objects that contaminate the final product if not removed.  Plate magnets were invented in direct response to the need to purify large quantities of non-metal ingredients through machinery made completely of metal.

O snow shower gel crown differential pressure Kwan Fong consumption in Guangdong – shower gel, Unilever – hairdressing industry

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

This New Year Day, shower gel also joined the ranks of prices, the average increase of about 10%. General rise in the price of wind, the shower gel prices rose slightly, and did not attract many people’s attention. As we all know, shower gel in the South China strong consumer demand for many years, known as daily “shower” habit of Guangzhou people’s lives as they must for shower gel, washing market in southern China a major main categories. Is precisely because of this, Guangzhou shower gel was extremely fierce competition in the market, showing a different market with other regional characteristics.

China Electronic Measuring Instruments Industry Profile – Cic4128 — Aarkstore Enterprise

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Through a comparative analysis on the development of electronic measuring instruments industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities in visualized form of data map, the report provides key data and concise analyses on the electronic measuring instruments industry in China, a list of top 20 enterprises in the sector as well as the comparison on investment environment in top 10 hot regions. In addition, the report truly reflects the position of foreign enterprises in electronic measuring instruments industry across China based on a comprehensive comparison of operating conditions among different enterprise types.

Juice thermo-acidophilic bacteria detection and control – fruit juice, detection, thermo-acidophilic bacteria – Food Industry

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

The late nineties of last century, as China Juice Industrial development, especially in the growing export fruit juice concentrates, fruit juice international market for China’s increasingly stringent quality requirements, continue to set the technical barriers, the juice is one of thermo-acidophilic bacteria. Initially, the juice business, research Detector Structure of such a lack of understanding of microbial contamination is difficult to control in production on its. The next few years, we have adopted to strengthen and foreign, foreign research institutions to communicate, bonding juice production process, these microorganisms in the juice of the fruit quality will be the source of what impact, how to detect, control of such microorganisms and other issues in-depth study and exploration to help enterprises improve production of many fruit juice processing conditions, to products that thermo-acidophilic bacteria has been well controlled. Currently, most concentrated fruit juice products company has been able to meet the requirements of foreign investors on this indicator, in order to enable us to better understand and solve the thermo-acidophilic bacteria in juice of technical problems, we consider it necessary to acidophilic the characteristics of heat-resistant bacteria, measurement and process control and other work to sum up, in order to further common understanding, improve product quality.

Linear Guide Ntc Temperature Sensor – Temperature Sensor – Electronics Industry – Flanged Ball Valve

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Thermal component, it is actually a linear temperature – voltage conversion device, that is in communication with operating current (100uA) under the conditions of the voltage component changes linearly with temperature in order to achieve the non-electricity to power linear transformation.

2. Linear NTC temperature Sensor What are the main features?
This temperature sensor whose main characteristic is the temperature in the working temperature range – voltage relationship as a straight line, which for the secondary development of temperature measurement, temperature control circuit design, without linearization, temperature measurement can be completed or temperature control circuit, thereby simplifying the design and debug instrument.

A Legendary New York Industry Finally Gets Into Tech

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

A Legendary New York Industry Finally Gets Into Tech
The creator of the internet browser, Marc Andreesen, famously said “software is eating the world,” but you probably still enter your home with a metal key, control your heat with a bimetallic strip thermostat and flick vents closed with your index …
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How to build the ultimate Nissan GT-R
On September 30th 2013, ex FIA GT1 champion Michael Krumm strapped himself into a Nismo GT-R. He then went for a lap around the Nurburgring. Presumably with his underwear on fire, because he returned exactly seven minutes, eight seconds and 679 …
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Infrared Thermometers and Their Rising Requirement in Testing Industry

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Termed as IR thermometers or laser thermometers, these Infrared Thermometers are targeted by heavy industries where there is s a need to measure temperature in varied aspects. These thermometers are effective equipments in determining temperature of an object from a certain distance. Subtle with high technology and laser radiation, these thermometers helps in serving wide variety of temperature monitoring function. Designed with traits of reliability and durability Infrared Thermometers are portable and best when used.

With various thermometers and infrared equipments which include Spot Infrared Thermometer, Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras or Infrared Cameras, Infrared Scanning Systems etc, these devices ensure quality and authenticity in their applicable area.

Situation about Key Parts of China s Automotive Industry

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

China’s automobile industry has gained a rapid development. In 2009, the annual output had reached 13.79 million. And China becomes one of world’s largest car producers. However, some key parts such as bearing bush, axes guide, thrust washers, and car mold standard parts mainly rely on imports which bring both the golden opportunities and great challenges to the Chinese bearing manufacturers and automotive mold manufacturing industries.