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High Productivity Growth And Rising Aluminum Stocks Pressure Problems

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Recent years, the domestic currency and orderly exit policy, strike out the real estate policy making, such as copper, aluminum and zinc base metal commodities experienced tremendous pressure, have fallen below long-term average. Shanghai aluminum futures benchmark contract closed at 16,210 yuan week, down 340 yuan, down 2.05%, the minimum has dropped to 15,660 yuan, the price rebounded after sharp fall trend, but the pressure of excess capacity and huge amount of inventory to the aluminum under the repression of up seemingly aluminum market was weak oscillations, on the other hand, there are cost factors reduced the aluminum support to fall.

 Tightening of monetary policy on the aluminum price trend is expected to produce some negative effects. This year in March, RMB loans of financial institutions increased 510.7 billion yuan, up 1.38 trillion yuan in 2009 to reduce to reduce the rate of 73%. 3 At the end of the broad money supply (M2) balance of 65 trillion yuan, up 22.50%, the increases are lower than the previous month and the end of 3.03 and 5.18 percentage points. From 2009’s bull market, we can see that the rise in non-ferrous metals market is inseparable from the growth of the credit scale. Today, the liberal policy of orderly withdrawal will inevitably shrink liquidity, price movements of aluminum produced negative effects.

 High productivity growth and rising aluminum stocks inhibition. 10,000 yuan from the vicinity of Shanghai aluminum V-reversal, the manufacturers to make money from the loss, so have to expand production capacity, to further increase the demand for alumina, has confirmed the year 2010, the additional production capacity of 7.9 million tons of alumina, is not able to confirm The new capacity 5.1 million tons, but can not put into operation in the building also has 2.3 million tons capacity, that in the next one to two years, will gradually have more than 15 million tons of alumina new capacity put into operation one after another. Electrolytic aluminum production capacity to maintain growth.

 The current cost of aluminum in the vicinity, drop down is unlikely. Costs constitute the main three domestic large aluminum: aluminum, electricity and labor and accessories. Now the price of alumina in aluminum company reported 3000 yuan / ton, a ton of electrolytic aluminum production needs of nearly 2 tons of alumina, ie alumina cost close to 6,000 yuan / ton; the current price of 0.48 yuan / degree, because electrolysis aluminum companies buy electricity by way of direct access to electricity, compared to the normal tariff concessions in the range of 0.03 to 0.06 yuan / kwh (electricity be different across industries), 1 ton of aluminum ingot production is about 15,000 degrees consumption, power costs about 7200 yuan; artificial and Accessories approximately 3,000. So, do the same projections, the current production of 1 ton of production costs 16,000 yuan. The main contracts Shanghai aluminum price 16100 yuan / ton in the vicinity, with very little cost difference between the distance and cost factors limit the aluminum price to fall.

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Zinc High Pressure Die Casting

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

The process of high pressure zinc die casting can be divided into two methods. Cold chamber die casting and hot chamber die casting, and the major difference between them is the different type of machines that are employed. Usually, hot chamber machines are more suitable for small and light zinc products, while cold chamber die casting machines are usually used to manufacture large heavy die casting products.

The hot chamber die casting process has been around a bit longer than the cold chamber die casting process, and it is ideal for the casting of copper, lead and zinc alloys. The hot chamber type of machine is more suitable for for casting small size die products, and very commonly the hot chamber process will have a much faster speed than the cold chamber process. The hot chamber process is not really suitable for large and heavy die cast products.

During the hot chamber die casting process, the molten alloy is pressed into the die cavity, after the cavity has been filled the surplus molten alloy flows back to the furnace along with pressure release. With a small size die cast product, a hydraulic shot cylinder is applied which will finish the injection at once.

After the injection of molten alloy, the alloy filling the cavity cools with the application of a water cooling system, and the surplus alloy flows back to the furnace. Hot chamber die cast parts generally have a much smaller sprue, and faster casting speeds than the cold chamber die casting process. This type of die casting process is ideal for lead, copper and zinc alloys. For the production of zinc and zinc alloy castings the dies are generally manufactured from unalloyed steel, and for aluminium, copper, magnesium and the alloys of these metals, the dies are usually made from hot work tool steel because of its greater durability.

A complete cycle of the process will perform as thus: the die is closed and molten metal is forced into it, the cores are withdrawn, the die is opened, the casting is ejected and if necessary any shearing off the sprue and deburring the casting, then the die is cleaned. The number of cycles per hour that can be achieved depends on a number of different factors: casting metal used and size and shape of the casting.

With zinc alloys it is possible in a given period of time to produce many more castings per hour than it is to produce castings which are made from brass. Zinc pressure die casting makes possible the economical production of detailed castings at a very fast rate. The castings can comprise of details such as holes, recesses and so on, and are characterized by good surface finish, high dimensional accuracy and the economy of the metal. There are fully automated machines which can turn out thousands of small zinc alloy castings per hour. The machines may be pneumatically operated or the pressure may be developed by the action of a ram.

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High Blood Pressure Over 200mmHg – How to Avoid It?

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition that affects millions of people all over the world. It is a disorder in which too much pressure exerted by the blood on the blood vessels causes complicated diseases that can threaten the lives of sufferers.

High blood pressure may cause blood clot, haemorrhage, damage in heart and kidney blood walls, and stroke. If the attack is too fatal, the victim may even reach death. The normal pressure of a healthy person’s blood ranges from 100-140 mmHg for the systole and 70- 90 for the diastole.

High blood pressure over 200 mmHg is already an indication of a problem that can lead to damage of other body system’s function.

Hypertension is known as a silent killer. Constant constriction of blood vessels can lead to cardiovascular and cerebral diseases. High blood pressure over 200 mmHg is already very dangerous. This can lead to stroke and may result to disruption of normal way of living due to the different complications attached to it.

Usually, hypertension starts attacking people at the age of 40. People who are having poor nutrition such as those who are eating foods with too much cholesterol and sodium are at high risk for developing this condition. Tobacco smoking can lead to vasoconstriction and also leads to the occurrence of high blood pressure.

Lack of exercise does not help in the proper circulation of blood, thus, causing hypertension.

Having high blood pressure over 200 mmHg in systolic reading threatens the person’s life. In this case, immediate treatment is very much necessary. There are different kinds and classifications of drugs offered that can help the victims a lot. Some of these are given as maintenance and must be taken for a lifetime. Such drugs are calcium channel blockers and beta blockers.

It is said that prevention is always better than cure. So, taking care of our health and having a proper lifestyle and healthy diet is very helpful. Avoid foods that are high in sodium, fats, and cholesterol. Smoking must also be stopped as early as possible to prevent the condition from getting worst. A stress-free life is also very ideal in the prevention of hypertension.

Exercise and normal daily activities aid in the proper flow of blood. There are lots of worst things people may suffer from having too high pressure within the blood. Sometimes, other risk factors are inevitable, so it is always important to have a regular blood pressure monitoring to avoid having high blood pressure over 200 mmHg.

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Recent research into the thermocouples and high end optical pyrometer market

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Recent research into the thermocouples and high end optical pyrometer market
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Voltage Datalogger enables mobile viewing and graphing.
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Houston Wire & Cable Company Reaches New 12-Month Low at .43 (HWCC)
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PGA Championship High Temperature

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Experience this year’s hot day, the U.S. PGA Championship “hot war” I believe that most viewers have been fully understood. This is not the first time that the U.S. PGA Championship faces the hot time, and I do not think this is the last time. Next year Kiawah Island will give the audience may be falling into the fire. Now the question is: why PGA of America does not choose the U.S. West Coast? In August, when there’s a lot of cool weather to clear. Well, on this issue, behind the PGA of America said a little helpless.
Six years ago, in New Jersey, in Baltusrol Golf Club you will be sweating just a few holes to go. Four years ago in Oklahoma, Southern Hills is like a Turkish bath outdoors. Whistling Straits was in Wisconsin last year, more mosquitoes than the bunker. As for the last week in Atlanta Athletic Club, the U.S. PGA Championship in addition to leave you feeling hot is wet. This is so you can not help wondering, are PGA of America who do not know that the U.S. West Coast as well? Indeed, in August, most parts of the United States are in a high temperature, the only exception is the Pacific Rim.

First need to mention, not the Pacific Rim did not contest the court held, non-requirement of the U.S. PGA Championship to go there. In fact, next year’s U.S. Open will be held at the Olympic Club, in addition, the tour’s final stop will be at Harding Park in northern California. By 2019, the U.S. Open will again come to Pebble Beach. We can see scotty cameron putter there.

By contrast, the PGA of America with the United States Golf Association, PGA Tour and not the same institution is not so often that it’s flagship game into the U.S. West Coast, although that number is also a lot of local fans.

1977 to 1998, the U.S. PGA Championship, held only five times in the West Bank – Pebble Beach, Cherry Hill (Denver suburb), Riviera (Los Angeles, twice), Sahalee (Sahalee, Seattle suburb). In 1998, Vijay – Singh Saha Li to win the championship, it was the last time the U.S. PGA Championship was held in the Pacific time zone.

U.S. PGA Championship will not return to the West Bank in the near future. 2018 U.S. PGA Championship venues have been identified, it will go to Rochester, New York, held at Kiawah Island, also to be held in Louisville, Kentucky. This means that among the highest-level tournament golf at least 20 years in the West Bank will not stop.

“We are on the East Coast and Midwest there are many excellent sites, however, does not mean we will not negotiate the West Bank a number of venues.” PGA of America tournament director Kerry Haigh, said, “I hope that one day the future We can go there.”

Like sport, especially golf.

High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure Still Prevalent in the U.S.

Friday, March 27th, 2015

by Cate Stevenson

Over the past 10 years, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have invested a lot of time and effort to educate the public about the dangers of high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. But despite some improvements, far too many Americans still have out-of-control blood pressure and cholesterol levels — the primary risk factors for heart disease.

According to a new report just released from the CDC, one-third of U.S. adults have hypertension, with similar numbers being recorded for high cholesterol levels.

And, according the CDC, only 46% of people with high blood pressure actually have the condition controlled, despite the fact that the majority have some form of health insurance. Similar numbers were reported for cholesterol too — only 48% are actually treated for the condition.

Roughly how many adults does that add up to who are in danger of getting heart disease? The CDC says 100 million U.S. adults have either high blood pressure or high cholesterol — almost half the adult population!

Make sure you get your levels checked regularly by your doctor or health-care provider. The “Affordable Care Act” signed into law in March 2010 by the U.S. government offers free screenings for both blood pressure and cholesterol.

The CDC urges everyone to take initiatives to keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has just released dietary guidelines and many health-care institutions are advocating for people to reduce salt and trans fat intake.

Getting numbers down for heart disease risk factors requires a concentrated effort in a number of areas. The CDC’ “Vital Signs” report on hypertension and high cholesterol sets out a series of preventative measures: improved access to care; better preventive care; and better patient adherence — .meaning that it’s up to you to hold up your end of the bargain. Set your own initiatives to promote staying active, eating well and maintaining a healthy weight.

The leading preventable cause and leading cause of death is cardiovascular disease, and the leading causes of that include high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is a scary thing when the heart starts having difficulty — it’s best to give it lots of healthy foods and exercise so that it can continue to do its life-saving job every day.

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High blood pressure treatment for dementia patients may aggravate cognitive
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Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

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Vancouver-area homes at high risk of radon, geological gas that causes lung

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Vancouver-area homes at high risk of radon, geological gas that causes lung
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