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Cauldron – Pressure Gauge

Monday, December 4th, 2017

Cauldron – Pressure Gauge
from Tampering With the Unnatural
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N/A – Rio Grande Narrow Gauge 2-8-0

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

N/A – Rio Grande Narrow Gauge 2-8-0
from Sounds of Steam Locomotives, No. 5: The Stack Music Spectacular
Price: USD 0.99
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All You Need To Know About 10 Gauge Earrings

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Jewellery is truly the best friend of a woman. Women all over the world love to adorn themselves with exotic and rare jewels and precious metals. This is a liking for something that is universal among all populations of women and it is sure to be the best gift that any man can give to any woman. Jewellery is manufactured by several manufacturers and brands, however, as this is a rather expensive thing, it is necessary to pay attention to and look into the piece of jewellery that is being bought for your loved one.

Of all the different kinds of jewellery, there are very few that can be worn all the time. One of these is the earrings. An earring set can be worn any time and it will not look out of place. Earrings are very special in this way as the other pieces of jewellery cannot be worn all the time like the big necklaces or other types of jewellery. These are too gaudy and showy for normal wear but are very good for special occasions and functions.

Earrings however are very different and can be worn daily irrespective of the occasion. This is what makes them so special. This is also the reason that they are among the most favored pieces of jewellery by women. This is because earrings are the true expression of jewellery and they will be very beneficial as they can be worn all the time.

Earrings come in sizes according to the size that can be worn in the ear. These sizes are gauged like shotgun rounds and gauge 10 is bigger than gauge 12 and so on. In This gauge 10 earrings are a fairly large size or earring that should not be worn right away but time should be taken to allow the ear to grow to accommodate this size.


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Ease Your Work with Digital Pressure Gauge and Testing Equipments

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Digital technology has been long established in mid-twentieth century with the profound minds. Digital Pressure Gauge and Digital Multimeters are the contributions of digital world. Today, this technology is a need of every growing industry related to food processing, automobile etc. Based on mathematics concept Digital technology has been widely acclaimed in different spheres of working environment. Constructed on numbers with easy transmission of information in a compressed storage format, this emerging technology has captured market. Today, almost everything is transformed into digital format. Starting from calculators to the field of telecommunication, television and computers, digital technology has set a concrete path. This technology has even changed the fate of education, where libraries, magazines and books have undergone revolution. With the emerging changes and development at rapid speed, digital technology has broadened its platform.

Digital Pressure Gauge is microprocessor controlled, automated, accurate and versatile, which measures accurate pressure in units. Used in many industries, this gauge possesses sound functionality and an effective instrument to measure pressure in irrigation and sprinkler systems. Designed with excellent quality, this gauges overall results in high accuracy and precision. Equipped with updated technology and user friendly in operation, Digital Pressure Gauge is known for its durability and reliability.

With various digital devices, Digital Multimeters and Infrared Thermometers have hold market in all possibilities. Uniquely designed and well structured, these multimeters have wide access. Used for testing voltage, current and resistance accurately these multimeters are of great use. Ensuring right reading and perfect measure, these multimeters are highly recommended. Among various digital devices Infrared Thermometers are one of the most upgraded technologies. Used as a non contact temperature measurement, this device is of electromagnetic radiation with a wave length between 0.7 and 300 micrometers.

Available at reasonable prices Digital Multimeters check the current intensity with utmost accuracy. These multimeters are extremely beneficial part of a mechanics toolbox. Free from error these multimeters show the reading in decimal point. Effective in use, these devices challenge human mind. Extensively used for determining the temperature of the objects, Infrared thermometers are mostly used in industrial application.

Today, digital devices carry unique traits in them. Digital Pressure Gauge with its exceptional service is rated best among other pressure measuring gauges and is the demand of the present market. With the upsurge in technology, Digital Multimeters and Infrared Thermometers have not only replaced various old applications but also, amplified flexibility in use.

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Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 psi – Product Of The Week

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 psi – Product Of The Week
This is the weekly spot for updates, unveils, insights, and info on cool products in the dirt-riding world. Sometimes it will be brand new, never before seen items, sometimes it will be in-progress tests, and sometimes it will be tried and true classic …
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Bridgestone Signs Deal for Digital Tire Inflation Machines
Bridgestone Americas Inc. has signed a deal giving its dealers the option to install digital air calibration machines from Excel Tire Gauge Inc. in their stores. The digital air calibration machines streamline the tire inflation process by …
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Bridgestone retailer network signs up new preferred partner
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 9, 2015) — Bridgestone Americas' Affiliated Retailer Nationwide Network has added Excel Tire Gauge Inc. as a preferred partner. Warwick, R.I.-based Excel offers digital air calibration machines that streamline tire inflation by …
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A propane fuel tank gauge can save your barbecue

Monday, September 7th, 2015

A propane fuel tank gauge can save your barbecue
Running out of propane gas, just as hungry friends gather around your grill, is a hassle. To keep tempers from flaring some gas grills come with a fuel gauge but if yours didn't, you can buy one. Consumer Reports recently tested two tank gauges from …

In this interview, Antonio Mantilla, Technical Sales Manager at Oerlikon
AM: Leybold is a well-known world-wide manufacturer of high vacuum equipment, but like every other manufacturer, we had gaps in some of our lines that did not allow us to play a key role in certain applications. Playing in these markets meant coming up …

Advanced Adsorption Studies with Dynamic Gravimetric Vacuum Sorption Instrument
Various sorption measurement techniques are available, including ambient flow and vacuum methods, gravimetric and volumetric methods, and static vacuum and dynamic vacuum methods. Most of the users of gravimetric instrument systems want to know …

Oil pressure gauge too quick to max out

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Oil pressure gauge too quick to max out
My motor home is a 36-foot 1997 model with a Chevy V-8 block. When I drive around 55 mph (I tow a small car), the gauge comes close to maxing out. When I slow down to around 35 mph, however, the gauge's measure drops to around midway. I know it's …
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Car Doctor: Cadillac's 'Stabiltrak' problem related to wheel sensor
At this point it would be best to monitor the engine with a scan tool, look for codes and get an actual reading of the oil pressure using a mechanical gauge. — John Paul is the AAA Northeast Car Doctor. He has over 30 years of experience in the …
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Emerging-Market Stocks Drop as Focus Turns to Fed Rate Outlook – Bloomberg
While an agreement over a bailout lessened the imminent threat of Greece exiting the euro and removed an obstacle for the Federal Reserve to raise borrowing costs, the outlook for inflation from lower oil prices and an unexpected drop in U.S. retail …
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