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How to Monitor the Temperature in Your Home With a Xanboo Device

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

With a Xanboo device, one can monitor the room temperature of one’s home easily. Monitoring room temperature gives you an early sign in case there is any potential threat to the safety of your home. Learning how to monitor the temperature in your home with a Xanboo device is easy.

To monitor the room temperature you shall need to have a Xanboo starter kit and a wireless temperature sensor with you. Buy one from Xanboo by ordering a starter kit and a temperature sensor. The Easy Start Kit from Xanboo comes with a camera and gateway and is reasonably affordable. You shall have to get yourself registered with the Xanboo Home Sight to operate these devices. Remember to take a note of the username and Gateway Installation Token for future reference.

Once you have successfully created a Home Sight account, you need to set up your controller by plugging it into an AC outlet and your network controller. For monitoring the temperature you need to install the software. Installing software is easy and simple as the software and the drivers are already loaded into the CD that comes with the starter kit. All you need to do is to run the XanConfig program on your computer.

You need to continue with the XanConfig wizard until you are asked to press the Discover button on your device. The Discover button on the wireless temperature sensor also needs to be pressed when you are prompted to do the same. The setup detects the cameras that you have hooked into the router. The next thing is to complete the set up and get out of the XanConfig wizard.

To get to the device overview page, you need to log into your account and visit the Xanboo Home Sight login page. Once you reach the device overview page just click the device overview and select the settings of the Wireless Temperature Sensor. The current temperature on the page lists the temperature of your room.

Now that the current temperature is listed on the computer, you can check the same even when kids are alone in the house from anywhere. Now that you know how to monitor the temperature in your home with a Xanboo device you can prevent occurrence of any mis-happening at your home, especially when you are away and the kids are alone at home.

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Digital Multimeter – In-depth measurement of a device

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

The ultra modern Digital Multimeter is highly accurate. It is durable and consists of many more features as well than earlier multi meters. When testing with a digital multimeter, the user receives signals as numbers. It converts signals gained from the devices checked to voltages and convertes them to digits through electronic circuits based on pre-arranged software program. For this task, digital multimeter receives support from an inbuilt small computer.

People use Digital Mutimeters to measure voltage, current, resistant, short connections, as well as Transistor hFE values. For example, when there is to measure a potential voltage drop between two points, the two wires of the multimeter should be connected to the two points where the potential voltage drop is evident.

Before applying it, the pointer of the Digital Multimeter should be pointed to V sign. The user could select any value between 0 to 1000V. However the range should not exceed the maximum of its circuit value. Exceeding the value of the circuit may damage the digital multimeter. If the measurement was between 0-20V, the V value should be pointed to 20V. When it is set, the Digital Multimeter can show all the values up to 20V.

Proper maintenance of a digital multimeter is vital to have accurate measurements. In addition, the user should know how to avoid probable self-accidents while handling it. The first time digital multimeter users should read the user manuals of the multi meters that they are going to use. Every manual has sections on safety warnings and special attention should be given to it before using a digital multimeter for the first time.

This type of testing devices should be connected to accurate power supplies and voltage rates to avoid accidental fires, shocks etc. The right voltage etc is given in the user manual. It is imperative to check for broken places, loose leads clips, etc., of the digital multimeter before a testing. It is recommended not to use digital multimeters with split cases, broken leads chips etc. The users must protect their digital multimeter from extreme temperatures, moisture and sunlight. When they are exposed to such conditions, they may get irreparable dysfunctions. When testing power circuits with a digital multimeter, the user should not touch exposed wires, joints and live circuits to avoid fatal accidents.  

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Weighing Scale: Device for Accurate Measurement of an Object

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Weighing scale is the most important and indispensable equipment requires in almost all aspects of life. It is a device for measuring the weight of an object. They are mostly used to measure the weight of a person and for industrial and commercial applications. These devices are developed to facilitate accurate measurement, which is an important requirement today. These equipments are now critical parts of the work related to medical and scientific professionals. Modern weighing machine use digital calibration to give accurate reading.

These are used in several fields which are as follows:

1. Commercial

An exact machine is critical for food industries for the accurate measurements of various foods. This device is very beneficial for various food industries and other commercial aspects also.

2. Health

A weighing machine is an essential component to maintaining the health of your body and measuring the progress of a growing child. Health professionals use a person’s weight to determine Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI of a person is needed to determine whether a person is under or overweight. BMI is calculated by dividing height in inches divided by total weight in pounds.

3. Science

Chemist and Pharmacist often deal with chemical equations that require specific amounts of substances and concentrations of solutions. This device is very useful in order to maintain accurate measurement; otherwise they cannot get an exact measurement.

4. Domestic Scales

These are used for a number of purposes and are mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Bathroom scale is flat platform, which is designed to weigh people. Similarly, kitchen scale is also flat platform, which is designed to weigh food items and cooking items such as flour and sugar. If you want to shed your extra pounds, it is necessary to measure yourself on regular basis. This can ensure you that you are following your exercise and meal plan appropriately.

These scales are intended and produced in a variety of designs, sizes, and capacity. Today, without this equipment no business can takes place. It is the only instrument that helps to calculate mass of different objects. Monitoring your progress is an important part of the dieting process. Checking your weight on a regular basis makes easier to reach your goal. These are also important for cooking purposes. It is used to determine the amount of the cooking ingredient to be used for certain menu. It is a way of easy cooking. The main purpose is to maintain your fitness and wellness. These equipments play an important role for commercial aspects also.

Weighing scale plays an important role in today’s world as it is used by number of people for various aspects. Today, the advance technology has induced everyone to use the machine and to aware with the accuracy of measurements for their purchases and carriage. Today, people become aware to use such devices to know the accurate measurement of the objects before buying any product.

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LG G5 Rumors: Device to Have 4K Display, Fingerprint Sensors & Wireless

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

LG G5 Rumors: Device to Have 4K Display, Fingerprint Sensors & Wireless
LG G5 Updates also pointed that the device, which will use the post-marshmallow 2016 Android Operating System, will have a barometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation or spo2, and thermometer sensors.
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Thermometer-like device could help diagnose heart attacks
A facile method was developed for the detection of Troponin I (TnI) using dendritic platinum nanoparticles and capillary tube indicators. Dendritic platinum nanoparticles were functionalized with TnI antibodies, which were used to capture TnI in human …
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Simple Thermometer-Like Device To Help Doctors Diagnose Heart Attack With
The elegance of an old-school thermometer lies mainly in its structure, consisting of a relatively large glass bulb containing red-colored alcohol or “silver” colored mercury and a narrow capillary tube connected to the glass bulb. This structure …
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Stanford engineers develop a device for measuring how birds take flight

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Stanford engineers develop a device for measuring how birds take flight
Stanford engineers develop a device for measuring how birds take flight. A new device invented by David Lentink will answer long-held questions about the forces birds generate while flying, and could lead to the development of innovative, efficient …
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'Kind' device measures force of bird flight
For the proof of principle, Lentink's team first calibrated their aerodynamic force platform with a quadcopter programmed to generate variable thrust, which they measured independently, and demonstrated the device is accurate within the sensors …
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Twitter's (TWTR) CEO Dick Costolo on Q4 2014 Results – Earnings Call
We're clearly at the very beginning of mobile video sharing and we'll see with video what we've seen with photos on abundance of creation and consumption happening from the device we have with us all the time. We started our …. These ads leverage the …
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Infantometer, Length Measuring Devices, Medical Infantometer, Height Measuring Device for Infants

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Building A Measuring Device For My Band saw Mill

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Building A Measuring System For My Home Built Band Saw Mill.
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Inclination measurement device with compensation of centrifu

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Inclination measurement device with compensation of centrifu

For vehicle device to measure the inclination while it is driving. The device compensat the centrifugal force.
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