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New handheld thermoMETER measuring up to 2000°C for industrial applications

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

New handheld thermoMETER measuring up to 2000°C for industrial applications
Key features of the new thermoMETER P20 infrared thermometers include integrated laser aiming together with optional telescopic sight to allow exact sighting of measuring targets; and handheld temperature sensor featuring an adjustable emissivity from …
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Thermal Imaging Camera with high sensitivity.
Wahl Instruments, founded in Culver City, CA in 1953, manufactured precision temperature instruments for industry, and developed the first portable digital platinum-RTD contact thermometer system. Since then, Wahl has introduced many technical …
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Sanomedics Hires Scott W. LeBel as Director of Specialty and Government Sales
LeBel will be reporting to Ron Benincasa, Vice-President of Marketing and Sales, and will be responsible for supporting assigned distributor relationships with the exclusive focus on promoting the TouchFree™ Clinical Thermometer, Caregiver® to key …
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FLIR TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer: Automotive Applications

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

FLIR TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer: Automotive Applications

Learn why Toyota MasterTECH Raffe Karaguezian won’t be going back to his old spot gun. Get more information on the FLIR TG165 imaging IR thermometer: http://…
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Development Of Sensors In Automotive Applications – Sensors – Electrical Industry

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Hierarchical control concept with the continuous development of the intelligent load and increasing demand for sensors, and SoC type of product because of its low cost, small size advantage, is the solution to adapt to this development program. Infineon Technologies (China) Limited’s automotive electronics business, said Li Shiming, Senior Marketing Engineer, “a new generation of Infineon SP37 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) single-chip solution to conform to this trend, the controller sensing unit, RF transmitter, low-frequency receiver and power supply modules integrated in a chip, the requirement to auto-on-chip. “

TPMS is a comparison of the Chinese market speculation of a concept of fire, but so far only the United States is the world’s law enforcement TPMS country. Since September 2007 all in the United States after Sell The maximum design total mass not exceeding 4536kg of four passenger cars and commercial vehicles are required to install TPMS. Although the voice of TPMS in China has been a long time, but the standard is postponed again and again, the current application is still limited to certain high-end models, but these have not prevented the semiconductor manufacturers a huge investment in this area.

The industry agree that the next TPMS transmitter module will be highly integrated, single, wireless passivity direction. With TPMS IC market on the high integration and high reliability requirements, there is now testing the physical quantities of the required MEMS Sensor With the MCU, RF triple the next-generation TPMS Sensor Module. Such as Freescale’s TPMS solution MPXY8300, is the capacitive pressure sensor, temperature sensing components, MCU, RF, acceleration sensors and a wake-up function of the interface circuit, all integrated in one chip, and uses Freescale’s ultra-small package (SSoP). Ultra-small size and enhanced media protection feature makes the program particularly suitable for the tire valve or install.

Hierarchical control concept with the continuous development of the intelligent load and increasing demand for sensors, and SoC type of product because of its low cost, small size advantage, is the solution to adapt to this development program. Infineon Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. Car Electronic Senior Marketing Engineer Business Unit, said Li Shiming, “Infineon SP37 Tire Pressure Monitoring System the new generation (TPMS) single-chip solution to conform to this trend, the controller, sensing unit, RF transmitter, low frequency receivers and Power supply Integrated in a chip inside, reached car-on-chip requirements. “

Automotive design for steering precision is an important consideration, Infineon successfully giant magnetoresistance (GMR) effect of integration into standard CMOS semiconductor manufacturing process. “In the electric power steering system, the Infineon technology-based integrated GMR (iGMR) of the sensor chip set and based on the linear Hall sensor chip technology can be perfect to achieve the perception of steering angle and torque.” Li Shiming said. Infineon’s sensors can accurately measure the abnormal 0 to 360 of steering angle, consists of two GMR full-bridge, a temperature sensor, two ADCs, a number of Regulators , Filter, and run the process can continuously monitor the internal mechanism of these components. TLE5010 sensor chip with two digital angle components?? Sine and cosine functions. Sensor through the SPI interface, 8-bit microcontroller to use these components to calculate actual angle signal.

Transmission-type sensor is also known as intermittent sensor, consisting of a face-installed infrared emitter and detector, a small gap between the two, when a similar round of this object code transmitter and detector through When the gap between device will block the beam, sensors can detect whether an object exists. Vishay’s Surface Mount Transmission (intermittent style) photoelectric sensor TCPT1300X01 and TCUT1300X01, reached the level of the junction temperature of +145 , -40 ~ +125 operating temperature range and moisture sensitivity level 1 (MSL1).

Radar technology is the design of innovative driver assistance systems, to avoid the key to traffic accidents. Automotive radar systems can send radio frequency electromagnetic waves, these electromagnetic waves encountered the vehicle in front or Other Objects can be reflected back, the radar chip is responsible for sending and receiving these radio signals, and through background processing. Background assessment to determine the distance between vehicles and other vehicles and other vehicles speed. Therefore, when the forecast to take place when the vehicles collided, seat head restraints and seat belts will be ready ahead of time, to help reduce the impact of the accident. At the same time, the same signal is also sent to the brake system or airbag system. Infineon chip RXN7740 radar is suitable for 76-77GHz frequency range of highly integrated front-end chips, including the oscillator function block, suitable for power amplifier and four mixers for multiple antennas. Separate these functions with the current radar system than the radar system will enable manufacturers to reduce the size of a quarter of the radio frequency module for more than 20% reduction in system cost.

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Using Guided Wave Radar for Level in High Pressure Steam Applications

Friday, September 12th, 2014

The Rosemount 5300 Guided Wave Radar helps improve plant efficiency and safety by delivering an improved accuracy for level measurements in high pressure ste…
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A Review of Cryogenic Sensors for Emerging Applications

Monday, July 21st, 2014

A Review of Cryogenic Sensors for Emerging Applications
Resistors are the most widely used temperature sensors for low temperature applications and are classified into Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) and Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC). PTC resistors are generally a pure metal or a combination …
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For mHealth to succeed, we'll need standards
There are now commercially available consumer applications that can turn a smartphone into a thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter and more. Then there's the clinical mHealth market – projected to surge past the consumer …
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Survey: 1 in 3 fitness tracker owners stopped using them this past year
Clinical research shows that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to poor health status. Consistent use of fitness and activity trackers with built-in sensors combined with mobile health applications enables consumers to improve their health.” … Even …
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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges And Wash Down Applications.

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Pressure is the second most measured process variable in industry. Despite this, most users of pressure gauges have a poor understanding of what is available to best suit their needs.
It is good design practice to use the least expensive component that reliably does the job. There are two sides to this:
Why would you use a component that has higher grade materials and therefore a high price, than their application requires? Almost no one would. To use an analogy, no one would rent a 10 truck to do the work that a one ton truck could do. As seems logical, this almost never happens.

The other side of this however, using a component of lower grade material and therefore lower cost than the application requires is all too common in industry. Many people try to put 10 tons worth of stuff on a 1 ton truck and then replace the truck when it fails!

Think about your plant. Is there one component that always fails or wears prematurely? Over 65% of US manufacturing plants have some component, be it a bearing, valve , pressure gauge etc. that is replaced more than twice per year, when all other components in its group are replace less than one time per year.
While doing this will earn the gratitude of the salesman who sells this frequently replaced component, it hurts your bottom line tremendously.
This is true for pressure gauges. Most gauge failures occur from conditions external to the process. Most commonly, gauges that are not stainless steel are used in wash down applications. Over time the gauge will rust and or leak and eventually fail. Then it is replaced, with another non stainless steel gauge. This is done for the two obvious reasons: The non stainless gauge is cheaper and We have always done it this way.

While it is true that a stainless steel gauge will cost almost 50% more than a carbon steel one in cases where production is lost, or excessive technician time is spent replacing the gauge occurs, the higher cost at purchase is more than recouped in leaner operating and labor savings.
Even at $ 100 per gauge difference in purchase price, how many changes will you have to make before you break even just on labor? Not to mention down time.

The bottom line is that to help your bottom line use a stainless steel gauge where conditions require it and save money.

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Puja Engineering Thermometer applications

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

This video contains brief applications of thermometers and their usages.
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Fluke demonstrates potent Visual IR Thermometer applications at AHR Expo

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Fluke demonstrates powerful Visual IR Thermometer applications at AHR Expo
EVERETT, Wash., Jan. 20, 2014 — /PRNewswire/ — Fluke Corporation will demonstrate how Visual IR Thermometers quickly troubleshoot HVAC/R systems at AHR Expo, January 21-23 at Javits Center in New York City. The Fluke VT02 and VT04 Visual IR&nbsp…
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Use an infrared thermometer to very easily spot heat leaks in your house
For that reason, if you&#39re looking for a low-cost way to check your house&#39s insulation and avoid those monstrous winter heating bills, we hugely recommend choosing up an infrared thermometer. These issues have been about for years, and dozens of various&nbsp…
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New decrease pricing for Fluke Visual IR Thermometers
Following the effective 2013 launch of its innovative Fluke VT02 and VT04 Visual Infrared (IR) Thermometers, Fluke is generating this product variety affordable to a wider group of finish-users and applications by supplying important price tag reductions on the&nbsp…
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Airflow And Pressure Measurement Method For Industrial & Industrial Applications

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Paragon Controls Incorporated (PCI) welcomes the chance to provide assistance in the choice, application, and integration of our product line to meet specified overall performance objectives. Competitive pricing, ease of installation, and simplified upkeep needs makes. PCIs product line an obvious option for both new building and retrofit projects.

Factory service personnel are offered for technique start off-up, commissioning, operator coaching, and emergency service. These solutions are designed to meet our customers needs in a prompt and powerful manner.

PCI has created and manufactured airflow and stress measurement systems to meet the requirements of all commercial and most industrial applications considering that 1984. PCI airflow and stress measurement systems are installed worldwide as part of systems requiring continuous signals for HVAC or industrial automatic control, alarming, and procedure indication. The accuracy of PCI’ s airflow and stress measurement systems has been independently qualified in accordance with Figure 7 in the testing process of American National Requirements Institute/Air Movement and Control Association (ANSI/AMCA) Standard 210-85.

Even so, it is much more critical to note that the stated accuracy of all PCI devices is consistently becoming field-validated by independent test and balance firms their balance reports document conformance to specifications and confirm the superior operating performance of PCI commissioned systems.

The airflow and pressure measurement systems are comprised of principal sensing components and a transducer or indicating meter. The major sensing components provide output signals readily convertible to air velocity, air volume, and differential pressures by the transducer or indicating meter. PCI ‘s differential stress transducers (DPT Series) and flow transducers (FT Series) are “stand-alone” components which can be mounted into a manage panel enclosure for an entire program or significant subsystem. The DPT Series transducers measure and convert pneumatic input differential stress signals to an electronic analog output signal linear to differential stress.

The FT Series transducers are comparable to the DPT Series except that each total and static pressure inputs are required. The measured distinction between the total and static stress is the velocity pressure. By performing square root extraction and scaling to the velocity stress signal, the resulting output signal is linear to velocity (fpm) or volume (cfm). The output is an electronic analog signal that can be employed by a controller, indicator or information logger. Exclusive functions consist of: