Everything is 3D, Saw 3D

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

There has never been a Saw DVD arrangement absolutely so public, and it sets the accent for the blow of this apparent final chapter. The axial actualization is a adolescent alleged Bobby, played by Sean Patrick Flanery, who was the kid in Powder and now suggests a super-bland Jason Bateman. Bobby has accounting a book alleged S.U.R.V.I.V.E.: My Story of Overcoming Jigsaw, and he’s peddling it on allocution shows, anecdotic in abundant detail how the affliction of slicing two hooks into his own chest and again hoisting himself proved, ironically, to be the best liberating moment of his life. ”I was reborn!” he says, which I assumption is declared to affirm that the moralistic acquaint of Jigsaw’s slice-and-dice accessories and machines absolutely work. It’s Rube Goldberg torture…as therapy! Except that Bobby is a fraud; he was never absolutely one of Jigsaw’s victims. And now, to pay for his abomination of self-promotion, he is at aftermost activity to become a victim. He wakes up in a cage, his wife shackled in a abroad room, and to get to her, he charge abide a alternation of character-building barbarous tests. Call it the Stations of the Gross.

Saw 3D is sicko-exploitative, viscera-spewing trash, but at atomic it has a angular and beggarly clip and focus, and it isn’t clotted with backstory. The few flashbacks assignment nicely, Tobin Bell (who plays John/Jigsaw) has a brittle alarming agreeableness during his one abrupt appearance, and it’s nice to see Cary Elwes, abiding for the aboriginal time back the aboriginal Saw, on duke to abutting out the series. As always, the aftereffect of the abandon is that there absolutely is a fate worse than death. It’s accepting to accomplish the best to amputate yourself in adjustment to live. The ”games” actuality accept aloof abundant abominable apparatus that you sometimes ambition you could get them out of your head. There’s a facial buck allurement or two; a white-supremacist punk, alert to his car seat, learns that affliction absolutely is skin-deep; and Bobby has to do a lot of yanking — he removes a fishhook that’s been placed in someone’s abdomen by affairs it out through her aperture (a arena I acknowledge I had to attending abroad from because it was actually starting to accomplish me sick), and he’s got to bend out a brace of his own molars.

Each year, during the anniversary of Halloween, I go to addition Saw film, and allotment of me is consistently wondering: How, and why, did movies this appalling and aberrant anytime become airheaded entertainment? Sure, in a anxious way, they’re fun, but it additionally seems fair to ask whether there is some accord amid the abandon in a blur like Saw 3D and the levels of acrimony and acerbity that accept been boring and steadily ascent in America. Now that the alternation is over (at least, until the moment a blur alleged article like Saw: A New Beginning — The Rise of Jigsaw gets greenlit), it can be said that the best advancing affair about the Saw films is the way that they about-face ache into a flash of megaplex vengeance. They’re made, and consumed, as a big blood-soaked joke, and that’s scary.

Krzyzis – Vacuum Pressure

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Krzyzis – Vacuum Pressure
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Of Winter With Intelligent Electric Pressure Cooker Pressure From Nutrition – Electric Pressure

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Wind suddenly began months of winter, many people became a required course. In collecting the same time tonic recipe, busy people today have begun to move in the cooking tools from the brain. The past two years,

Electric pressure cooker Particularly smart temperature control type electric pressure cooker, with its delicious nutrition, safe and convenient outstanding advantages such as rapid attention to the quality of life of people into the house, became the main force of the modern kitchen cooking.

Intelligent control pressure, cooking more delicious

Cooking under pressure Why food will be more good? Nutrition experts say, is not the direct cause of the pressure, but pressure is produced by boiling temperatures above 100 degrees. Delicious and nutritious food is inversely proportional to the cooking time, cooking temperature and proportional. Different foods have their own optimal cooking temperature, such as rice, the starch in 115 degrees, fish protein in 108 degrees. Therefore, in order for all the best nutrition and taste of food, cooking tools must be obtained to achieve precision control of pressure Caixing.

However, the mechanical control of the market-based electric pressure cooker pressure is mainly controlled by controlling the pressure of time, the cooking process had resulted in the loss of taste. Compared to conventional pressure cooker with the mechanical control-pressure electric pressure cooker, electric pressure cooker-type intelligent temperature control pressure in the precise area is a master, can bring can not compare the nutrition and taste.

“Intellectual pressure sensor” Food Home sought after With the pressure cooking technology upgrades, intelligent control technology, electric pressure cooker pressure to become a new trend, mainstream manufacturers frequently introduce smart temperature control type electric pressure cooker. High-end products such as gourmet Supor series of electrical pressure cooker, to break the traditional structure of pressure-controlled mode, its unique and patented intellectual pressure sensor system in the cooking process to precisely control the pressure and temperature, creating a pressure cooking a new realm.

Learned, gourmet cooking Supor whole chip microcomputer intelligent control, intelligent sensors able to do, precise control of pressure, pressure switches and pressure visualization. A wok ingredients, smart chip can automatically determine the type and quantity of ingredients, cooking the best smart set pressure curve. In the cooking process, both the bottom and top of the temperature measurement, gravity ball through the smart chip controlled, precise control of pressure at any time, to ensure optimal pressure cooking of food demand. In addition, the product’s unique smart sensor hand devices, it can simulate traditional wood cooking, to achieve high voltage intelligent switching, the food intermittent expansion, contraction, food can breathe, taste better of course. More convenient is that every moment of the pressure pot, all in the pot body

Panel On clear display, so that the pressure under control.

Addition to other cookware can bring unmatched nutritious and delicious, the Supor intelligent temperature control type electric pressure cooker safety technology in its 20 years, based on a comprehensive upgrade to 360-degree security system, solve the security concerns. In the product quality is reflected on 20 years of experience combined with modern technology, the end of thick thin thick kettle shaped ceramic grain, making heat faster and more uniform, efficient and energy saving.

Electric pressure cooker purchase to “Three Views”

So, when consumers buy, how to identify good intelligent temperature control type pressure cookers do? Supor professional and technical staff tips, in addition to listening to the Products store sales, the buyer should also learn their “Three Views.”

A look at the brand and technology. Industry leading brands often have industry-leading technology and safety experience in the pressure control technology, safety and product quality are guaranteed. 2 see product appearance, Direct identification of product quality and safety. For example Supor thick poly tank can Tao Jing, and the safety lock from the interconnect, composite double within the cover, thermal insulation cover, a “worry-free King Kong cover”, can directly view. Three Views operating convenience, this is closely related to intelligent control of pressure function. Identification of three major aspects: First, set menus are convenient, such as Supor gourmet menu features 16 kinds of series have set, covering almost all types of food everyday cooking, can be a key operation; second is to check whether the panel Some of of the appointment and set the cooking time; third is to check whether there is rapid decompression device, such as exhaust Supor unique keys, auto exhaust can also be manually advance the exhaust, can touch quick buck, without waiting for food, save time and energy saving.

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Music FM Radio Transmitters for Car Stereo

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

To some hard cores about FM transmitter how to choose the right transmitter, popular brands, frequency settings, battery options are so important. Based on Kimpaul`s experience now I give you some detail tips about that.

Vehicle FM transmitter enables songs players and other audio sources to be performed over a car’s stereo radio. An aux-input socket about the stereo gives better overall performance although not just about all cars have them. The FM transmitter is particularly useful for those who often drive rental vehicles.

Sound quality won’t be much better than an industrial FM station, and it is often worse. However particulars in the music would be covered up by sound from the engine, wheels and blowing wind anyway. This should be a problem we need to solve with helping tips below.

FM Transmitter Wavelengths
FM transmitters perform best when transmitting on an unused rate of recurrence a treadmill with a fragile train station.

Not just about all FM transmitters are strong enough to overpower commercial radio stations. A few methods to enhance wedding reception:

Moving the actual transmitter nearer to the actual radio’s antenna (not the radio deck by itself). The actual antenna is usually outside the car or even built into the rear window. Extra time smoke lighter power cord might be required.

Using the earphones extension cable television. Numerous transmitters use the headphones cable as the transfer antenna. Increasing the length might increase the transmission.

Switching the FM transmitter to mono mode (in the event that available).

Switching the actual FM transmitter on before switching upon the radio.

In the event that such tricks don’t work, the actual frequencies the actual transmitter may transmit on turn out to be critical:

The simplest transmitters broadcast on a few set wavelengths (typically three to eight). This means they are unacceptable to be used within large cities, exactly where most of the FM range is used upward.

“Full spectrum” or even “all spectrums” transmitters transfer from eighty-eight.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz in actions of .two MHz This allows them to make full use of any unused wavelengths. They should possess a predetermined storage to permit quick changing between frequencies. Some transmitters could be updated within .1 MHz steps, allowing them to squeeze between adjacent channels (the radio additionally needs every single child tune in .one Megahertz steps).

Some transmitters may transmit upon 87.7 as well as 87.nine MHz “international” wavelengths that are not often utilized in the United States. Radio stations requirements to be able to receive on these wavelengths too.

Most transmitters are actually electronic, correctly broadcasting at the rate of recurrence displayed. This makes it easy to melody the car radio (if digital additionally) towards the same frequency. This will be significant as the best frequency can change since the vehicle techniques from one area to another. It should be simple to switch frequencies about the transmitter, to prevent leading to any sort of accident whenever generating.

FM Transmitter Electric batteries

Many transmitters plug to the smoke lighter socket and elope the actual car’s twelve volt electric battery. A few transmitter control models are set to the smoke lighter in weight jack port as you large device. This really is neater because there is 1 much less cable television. However with respect to the area in a car, the actual show can be challenging to read. The transmitter might not even match correctly, in the event that blocked by the gear change. The smoke lighter in weight extension power cable television may resolve this kind of difficulties.

Less common tend to be AA, AAA or even internal Lithium-ion electric battery FM transmitters. Several transmitters are driven through the iPod itself. These can be used in the house (in order to broadcast to a shower radio, for instance) but are or else less handy. Freedom in the cigarette lighter in weight will help to make it simpler to throw the actual transmitter towards the rear of the vehicle and closer towards the radio aerial.

FM transmitters with an iPod pier can generally charge apple iPods. A splitter cable may also be used to supply another cigarette lighter in weight socket with regard to getting.

The best FM Transmitter

Based on reading user reviews online for example FMheroes.com, obtaining good reception depends on the model of vehicle and/or stereo, and also the area (city).

Choosing a full spectrum FM transmitter with .one MHz steps and “international” rate of recurrence capacity will increase the probability associated with success, but is no guarantee. Essentially, songs lovers need to roll the actual chop as well as simply buy a transmitter as well as wish that it works best for them.

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How Does Vacuum Forming Machine Work?

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

The body of a toy car is made by taking a holey, rigid mold of the car’s shape. You want to then place it inside the vacuum forming machine. A sheet of plastic is draped over the top of the mold covering all the edges and angles. Then the lid is closed and locked, and the machine is activated, causing the interior to heat up to a preset temperature. The plastic sheeting will soften to the point where it becomes flexible. The machine then forms a vacuum, pulling the plastic down around the mold. The vacuum’s force pulls through the holes that are drilled into the mold, creating a tight bond with the shape of the mold.

The sheet of thermoforming material is heated in order to increase pliability. Different levels of heat are used for materials of a different thickness. Once the correct level of heat has been reached, the material is molded by one of three common methods. In vacuum thermoforming, the sheet of material is laid on a concave mold and pulled inward to adhere to the shape of the mold with vacuum pressure. Tiny holes in the mold provide the suction, without affecting the shape of the finished product. Pressure thermoforming occurs when the sheet is laid on a convex mold shape and pressed down on the mold. Finally, mechanical thermoforming uses a machine to press the sheet into a concave mold with a convex mold, pressing the sheet between the two molds.

Completing the Process:When the process is completed, the machine is turned off and allowed to cool. At this point, the plastic goes through its cooling stage and becomes hard. The plastic unit is removed from the machine. Now the plastic is ready for the finishing touches, such as applying stickers and decorations. Many useful every day items are constructed this way, such as disposable cups, food containers and store display units. Vacuum forming is the easiest method of forming plastic items and is used in virtually all forms of industry.

Thermoplastic, also known as thermoforming plastic and thermoformable plastic, is the material used for contemporary thermoforming processes. Thermoplastic is a polymer, or a material that contains large molecules in a repeating pattern. This material changes physical properties based on its temperature. With extreme heat, it melts to a liquid form, and with cool temperatures, it becomes extremely hard. Applying a moderate amount of heat causes the thermoplastic to become flexible so it can be molded.

Vacuum Forming Machine in all Walks of Life: vacuum forming machine come in many shapes and sizes, depending on what the job requires. Some of them are huge, filling up entire walls to create composite molds for large items like automobiles. Some are tiny and consist of a two-sided mold that enables the machinist to melt the plastic around both sides of the mold. Plastic ornaments can be made this way, as can vases, drinking glasses and cups. That’s just to name a few.

Fujinlong Machinery CO.,LTD. is a special thermoforming machines manufacturer located in Rui’an of China. Our company has professional technicians and the ability of designing & developing new products by ourselves. Presently, our main products include vacuum forming machine,sheet extrusion line, cup making machine and eps machinery.

Hydraulic Jacks – Multipurpose In Functionality

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Hydraulic jacks are frequently used for supermarket work; but they are also used for means of transportation emergencies, such as tire changing or underneath maintenance. A jack is a device used for lifting heavy objects.

A regular car owner usually has a regular jack for emergencies, which uses a screw mechanism. Most of them are not familiar with hydraulic floor jacks, which use high-pressure fluid displacement and are more proficient than the conventional type. Hydraulic floor jacks are usually connected with specialised motor mechanics and with car racing, but these jacks are also available for home use; besides, with a few guidelines they can be used carefully by almost anyone.


Jacks are used to lift ground vehicles to be repaired to the under, or tire to the changes easier.

There are many types of hydraulic jacks:


• Bottle jack
• Floor jack
• Toe jack
• Air powered bottle jack
• Aircraft jack
• Journal jack
• Screw jack
• Racing jack
• Oddball jack
• Ratchet jack
• Creeper trans jack
• Fork lift jack
• Truck jack
• Scissor jack


Information About How to Use Hydraulic Jacks for Changing Easy Tire


• You can consult the owner’s manual in case if you are in doubt about the jacking point for using. Usually this point is about 12 inches at the rear of the front wheel. Identify the jacking point of a vehicle.
• Customer payment to the condition of the body on the fulcrum for the cat, make to sure that no excessive rust or other damage indicating that the party it is weak and may not be able to the withstand the weight of the vehicle.
• Place the jack under the point of jacking. It should be placed on a stable surface of the so the cat will be in a stable position at once it is in use. The jacks should be placed in a hard, level ground. A cat was posted on the irregular terrain can be turned, while it is an under a load.
• The car must be in the first gear or reverse, or if it in park if it must have an automatic gearbox. If replacing a tire, it should be slackened before the vehicle is lifted.
• If not disengaged, the handle can’t be pumped, so that jack won’t rise. Unlock the locking mechanism on the handle of the hydraulic jack.
• Re-lock the locking mechanism once the car has been lifted to keep it at the right level.
• The jack stands will carryover the car’s weight for effectively. Use a jack stand to be placed under the right suspension because you cannot rely only on the hydraulic jack to keep the vehicle on its position.
• Reverse the process of concluding to the work on the vehicle is done.
• Do not overload the socket, or not try to lift something that is heavier than Jack’s rating.


Hydraulic floor jacks are more costly than the conventional screw jacks and they are also bigger, but they are easier to use by an ordinary car owner. Moreover, they provide an easy solution for some household repairs.


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The Absolute Best Foods To Help Open Arteries And Reduce Blood Pressure

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

If you are trying to reduce your blood pressure and clear your arteries, there are certain foods that can help you do this, just by regularly eating them. The best part is, they taste great!

Antioxidants are substances that protect cells against the effects of free radicals — molecules produced when the body breaks down food or is exposed to environmental toxins and radiation. Free radicals are believed to play a role in heart disease, cancer and other disorders.

So it makes sense that antioxidants could help protect or even treat many health problems. However, some poorly designed studies have given antioxidants mixed results and resulted in the mainstream media reporting that antioxidants are virtually worthless.

But new research provides hard evidence that taking antioxidant supplements long-term produces dramatic benefits in people with multiple cardiovascular risk factors. That’s the conclusion of a randomized, controlled trial of vitamin C, vitamin E, co-enzyme Q10 and selenium capsules.

When proper tests were conducted, tests at the beginning of the trial, after three months, and again after six months documented that patients in the antioxidant group had marked improvements in their cardiovascular health. They had more elastic arteries and better blood sugar levels.

In addition, their cholesterol profiles were healthier with a significant increase in HDL, the so-called “good,” heart-protective cholesterol. In fact, the researchers concluded antioxidant supplements have the potential to alleviate atherosclerotic damage.

Antioxidant supplementation significantly increased large and small artery elasticity in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors. This beneficial vascular effect was associated with an improvement in glucose and lipid metabolism as well as significant decrease in this medical issue.

Home remedies can help lower this health condition but should be undertaken with care, as hypertension is a serious medical condition. You can do your part by eating simple foods, or including them in recipes to help change your lifestyle, and health.

The first thing you should include in your diet is extra fiber. Adding fiber to the diet helps lower blood pressure, according to research reported in the Journal of Nutrition.

It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. A good source of fiber is whole grains and vegetables.

Oats are an excellent source of fiber as are apples and potatoes. Applesauce and oatmeal are easy to absorb forms of fiber that will help lower your pressure level.

When you do eat fiber, ensure that drink plenty of water. If you don’t, you can become constipated.

Next, beet root juice also lowers your pressure. Research reported in the Journal of Nutrition found that fiber lowered high blood pressure and reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In a study conducted at the Queen Mary University of London, participant’s pressure level lowered within 24 hours of consuming beetroot juice. Dosage used in the study was 250 ml.

The best food remedy of all, is that dark chocolate will also help to reduce your problem! Dark chocolate lowers your pressure, according to 15 studies published from 1955 to 2009 and reported in the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Dark chocolate contains more of the nutrients that decrease risk of this medical condition. Research has shown that those who consume one chocolate bar a week reduce their risk of having a stroke by 22 percent.

Also, if you increase your potassium, you can reap the benefits of a healthier heart and a happier life. Potassium lowers your pressure and can be found in many foods, especially in bananas.

Other good sources of potassium include raisins and currants. The American Heart Association recommends 4,700 mg of potassium per day for those with high risk.

Lowering salt also helps balance potassium levels as sodium and potassium work together in the body. Add herbs to spice home cooked meals, instead of adding salt, and avoid canned foods, which contain high amounts of salt.

One of the more interesting and unique remedies is that of lavender oil massage. Researchers at Creighton University have found that a massage with lavender oil lowers risk of danger.

The oil can be applied via massage or added to bath water. Also, dried lavender can be drunk as a tea or added to bath water to help lower risk naturally.

Lavender can be easily grown in a pot or a backyard garden for home health care. Try your home methods today and see what you can do for your heart!

Jack R. Landry has worked as a nurse practitioner for the last 16 years. He has worked in local clinics and the ER and recommends looking into high blood pressure cure to avoid a fatal heart attack.

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Jack R. Landry

Pressure Testing

Friday, June 16th, 2017

There can be any number of reasons why you made need the services of a pressure testing company. When you run a piece of machinery that requires a certain amount of pressure to run properly it stands to reason that you will want to make sure that it is doing its job.

There are a number of different ways that you can monitor the pressure on a machine, with different pressure and temperature gauges. These work in different ways so it is a matter of finding the best pressure gauge for you. Don’t worry though if you are unsure of the best types to suit because the companies that sell these will have all the information you need and can help advise you on what is best for you to but depending on what you require.

Equipment for pressure testing is reasonably complex so you may not be able to find somewhere on your local high street that can supply you. Luckily most companies have now branched out to offer their services online. This means that you could buy from a company anywhere in the UK and get it delivered to your home or business premises.

It is also reasonably easy to find companies online that can sell these pieces of equipment to you. If you are not sure where to start, then try with a search on Google. A simple search for ‘pressure testing’ should be enough to point you in the right direction of what you are looking for. Often their websites will also contain information on the different pressure gauges available so that you can read up and do your research before you decide on exactly what it you that you want to buy.

If that doesn’t help then you can contact the companies via their website and give them details on your product and they can advise on what the best type is for you to buy. Once you have completed your transaction they will then arrange for whatever it is you that you have bought to be delivered to your premises, usually within in a few days so you don’t have to wait very long for them.

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Nokia E65 Is Gameboy N-gage Multimedia Phone

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Nokia e65 is a 3G phone, which is highly-featured with number of resourceful and accessible features offering you great experience of advanced technology and fun. This smartphone has been powered by Symbian operating system and ARM 11 369MHz processor that enhances the performing level of the mobile. It effectively runs on both 2G & 3G network on frequency of GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz and UMTS 900/2100MHz to providing you barrier-free network coverage and speedy operations.

Nokia e65 has been designed with stunning dimension of 113x59x13mm and weight around 126gms only that makes it perfect reason to feel proud.

It has been sported with 2.36inches TFT touch screen, which has resolution of 320x240pixels and 16M shades of colors displaying every text, image and video in pin-sharp and crispy quality. It has integration of responsive full QWERTY keypad that makes your texting and typing easier. Nokia e65 is the perfect device to fulfill your desire of carrying stylish and technically qualified mobile handset. It is available in three royal colors: Ruby Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Black. This versatile handset has been equipped with spacious internal memory of 120MB that can be expanded upto 16GB by means of micro SD memory card support allowing you to carry smart number of data and stuff right in your hand.

Nokia e65 has integrated 2MP camera having resolution of 1600x1200pixels with LED flash and video recording/calling options to facilitate your camera fun upto a great limit. With this handset are allowed to take advantage of fast and easy uploading, data transferring, downloading and surfing through its connectivity features like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, USB along with WAP & HTML browser. Now, convey your messages and thoughts in more intuitive way by means of the available messaging options of SMS, MMS, Email and IM. Nokia e65 has got multi-format music support and Visual FM radio offering you great fun with your favorite music stuff.

This brilliant piece of mobile has been power-packed by a standard Li-Po battery, which is able to deliver stand by time upto 432h (2G)/480h (3G), talk time upto 11h (2G)/ 4h 40 min (3G) and music playback time upto 18h and minimizing the trouble of frequent charging.www.naaptol.com offers you great facility of best online shopping, where you are available with rich options from various brands; compare their features & price and gain benefits of fair deals and discounts.

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Keep Your Motorcycle Tire Pressures

Monday, June 12th, 2017

Tire pressure is one of the most important issues in any automobile to preserve. You get greater gas mileage, less put on in your suspension and less wear on your tires once they are inflated correctly. The very best aspect about keeping your pressure is just how effortless it can be to perform. All you need to do is fill them up with air (which is easily manageable without having professional assist) and you happen to be good to go. The only thing you need to be concerned about is once you need to fill your tires with air.

Most of the people depend on their vision to establish no matter whether or not the they need inflating. It is possible to often see a bulge on the bottom from the tire which lets you know it really is somewhat flat. This is an incredibly inaccurate method to measure pressure. Some tires are developed differently than others and will show far more or less of the bulge. Even when tires are not bulging they are able to typically times need much more air. The simplest way to maintain track from the pressure within your tires is with a motorcycle tire pressure monitor, or motorcycle TPMS.

A TPMS operates by receiving electronic signals from each and every of your tires which tells the unit what the tire pressure is in each tire. The electronic signal comes from PressurePro tire sensors which rest on the air intake valve and replace the valve stem caps. Installation of a tire pressure monitoring system is very straightforward. You place the tire sensors on every single of the intake valves after which place the primary unit (the Keep track of), which receives the signal wherever you desire it on the dash. Then you press some buttons and you’ll be able to verify the pressure of any tire you want-even while riding down the road. This technique is fantastic for monitoring pressure and maintaining an perfect amount of air within your bike tires too because the sidecar and/or trailer tires.

The classic way of measuring the air pressure in any tire is with a tire pressure gauge. They may be manual pieces of gear that require you to get down following to your tire, take off the cap of the intake valve and then press the tire gauge onto the valve stem. The gauge then measures the quantity of pressure coming out of the tire and also the stick pops out showing you what the tire pressure is. It is a extended method and gets tiresome as a result of how usually you will need to verify your tire pressure. An electronic gauge is really the only handy and correct method to hold track of how much air is inside your tires. PressurePro sensors read tire pressure the moment each and every 7 seconds and transmit updated readings for the Monitor. Need to you’ve got a low-pressure tire, the technique alerts you as to which tire, and what the tire pressure is in that tire.

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