Gas Mixing Software Automates Blending of Constituent Gases

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Gas Mixing Software Automates Blending of Constituent Gases
Its products include mass and liquid flow meters and controllers; pressure controllers; digital pressure and vacuum gauges; portable flow meters; calibration standards; software and accessories. For more information please contact: Gajendra G Kelkar …
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Naked intruder cracks one off in Florida rampage drama
The intruder jumped from the roof, in the process knocking down Mr Land, rushed into the living room and "broke a 72-inch big-screen TV while he tried to pull it off the wall and spilled the contents of a vacuum onto the floor", according to a police …
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Egypt violence illustrates tortuous transition
The weekend's burst of violence was an alarming gauge of the course of Egypt's tortured political transition. Dozens were killed and … Already polarised, the political scene is becoming more splintered, with obscure groups entering the vacuum of …
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